Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hey Josie, how do you spell ugly?

Before you judge me for this title, thinking it's a quote of me speaking to my little sister, go watch Anne of Green Gables and soak in all of the amazing insults.

 I found this picture on my parent's computer so can we please throw it back to when Hannah and I were aliens in our homemade UFO?? My costume this year didn't come even close to comparing.

I have THE BEST costume idea for next year, but it is contingent on a few things so stay tuned. This one was ok. 

One day in November, Jane texted me to see if I wanted to go on a mini road trip with her to do a session in the Manti temple later that week.  It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in the temple (not to mention a party because any road trip with Jane is a party). If you have a chance to go to the Manti temple, GO. The workers there are the sweetest, most down to earth people. One of the workers gave us a special tour to see the spiral staircases that my great great great grandfather built and the largest sealing room aka the room where I hopefully get married one day.

when the garage door wasn't opening and Brig couldn't deal 

I threw a baby shower for Christianne and only took pictures on my phone. The picture quality is horrible because my phone was still covered in frosting from making cupcakes so oops

hahahaha my screen was so dirty... hopefully someone got better pictures. If you're reading this and you have better pictures could you please send them my way?

I also have this awesome picture from the next day of the banner I made after it had fallen down. I'm killin it with this documenting thing. 
Kristen got her wedding pictures back. Why do you live so far awayyyyy

One thing I'll miss about living at home is walks with mom around Alpine before work

Multiple people have asked if Lauren and I are sisters because they think we look alike, and it's one of the best compliments I've ever received. The cashier at Panda Express even thought we were twins. I'm rollin' with it. 

 pseudo sister/one of my favorite dates to BYU football games

Kaile went to Cats in New York without me. We grew up watching a production of it on VHS. This was our texting conversation before it started. She sent me back the snapchat I sent her of me legitimately crying when I told my mom what she was doing hahahaha! It was (still is) an emotional time for me.

 baby shower for Megan

something I always want to remember is how loved my job makes me can skip this picture. It's just for me. 

 I got the best wake up call on November 29th when my mom told me to get up if I wanted to go to the hospital for the birth of the newest member of my posse (she didn't word it like that, but she should have). I hurried and got dressed, and we ran out the door. When we got to the hospital, Dayna had just started pushing, so I was able to be there to witness the birth of my newest niece Stevie Rose. This was the second time I was there for the birth of one of my nieces or nephews. The first was when Vinny was born almost 6 years ago. I will forever be grateful for those experiences and for Dayna letting me be a part of them. 

nothing beats newborn snuggles

temple squares

If you were mistaken and thought that Calle was really organized...

here's the mountain I sat on while rummaging through boxes to find clothes to donate

 an attempt at calligraphy with a broken nib

 Javier and Susie are expecting their first baby!!!! Can't wait for my new sobrina

 I love any excuse to hang out with my fave cousins

ice ice baby shower

Gracie's freeze dance pose

 I pulled out my old Pez dispenser collection and became the coolest aunt in the house. Yes, I'm aware I just used Pez and coolest in the same sentence. Also yes, I have a Pez dispenser collection.

The Magleby's took on 7 Peaks Winter Wonderland. I don't know what the actual official name of it was, but you could freaking sled down the slides and that's all I was focused on.

don't miss Lauren and Grace in the back

Hans, Wolverine and the ladies

A Mags' favorite... the drive through lights which are now in Provo. This was post sunroof dance off.

Grace in the back window hahahaha

 Great Aunt Peggy came to Sunday dinner fully equipped with her dancing Christmas hats

 mini calligraphy lesson

 the only place card from Christmas Eve that didn't get smudged because I was an idiot and wrote them all on iridescent paper

 Max, Jo, Grace, Hans, Vinny and I apparently all have resting model face hahahaha. Not planned in any way.

 The closest we got to a normal picture. Max is so much taller than me now, and it's so weird.
The older siblings were taking pictures with their individual families, so naturally we took our own

 Mom with her favorite daughter and Josephine

 This year's cabin trip was one of my favorites ever. The Magleby's came up with us, and we played games, did puzzles, played outside and just enjoyed being together. We recently got wifi up at the cabin again, and I was happy that that didn't affect the time we spent together (except for when the teenagers would go missing every once in a while).

 Grace Face

 Vi and Brig reunited

This picture is for me to remember a hilarious night with my sister. That's all.

Brig has learned how to Facetime from his new ipod. You can imagine what this means for me.

the picture I used for Mike's birthday mug this year that the rest of the world needs to see

swamp people 

 winter walks (and falls) around Vivian Park

texting about Series of Unfortunate Events and our maturity levels...

Snowshoeing with mom before work

Cabin weekend with franz

can't. stop. cry. laughing.

 I was supposed to be watching my niece and nephews while their parents were in the other room. Instead Jayne and I crashed on the couch while her brothers did who knows what. In my defense it was like 9:30...that probably doesn't help, never mind, ignore that part.

A crappy quality picture of my opposite of crappy new bedroom. These prints are from my amazingly talented cousin in law Sara. Check her out on Instagram account called Robert and Stella. She arranged these flowers herself. The amount of detail she puts into each picture is incredible. She posts new ones on the reg, so go follow her. She's also the coolest person.

 Happy extras:
-Watching Jeopardy at home alone on a Friday night yelling my answers at the TV and murdering the Boy Band category. Sometimes is pays to not be social.
-Kwasi just now realizing my hair is no longer's been a year. 
-Mom quoting Joe Jr. when she said Jayne was going to the Icecapades. He will forever be one of my favorite movie characters.
-Hiking with Jane up in Salt Lake after Mexican food. I love that we can go months without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off.
-Dad giggling while watching Dan in Real Life for the first time.
-Listening to My Father's Favorite on repeat coming home from Provo on Halloween (Provo Halloween sucked, and I was in a bad mood) then deciding to start learning it on the piano the next day.
-Watching Anne of Green Gables with Jayne. One of my favorite aunt moments. 
-Introducing Anders and Kaile to my soul train around the kitchen table that I always do during The Gospel Truth from Hercules. This also happened multiple times with Grace and Violet. If you want in next time hmu.
-Girls night with mom and Jo to Cubby's and La La Land. No, I didn't cry during Emma Stone's audition song when she talked about people who dream. I've only been trying to figure out what my dream is and have been stressed about it and it completely hit home and I can't talk about it because I get emotional all over again and I'm going to stop now k yeah bye. 
-Yelling and accidentally throwing my phone at the window when I didn't want to deal with a text I got at David's and Trent dramatically retelling the account to the rest of their friends when they showed up.
-"hmmm yeah smart girl" Brig to me when I showed him the stable I made for his horses out of Lego duplos. 
-Taytem and Brigham coming out to help me get the snow off of my car as I was leaving work.
-On the day Stevie Rose was born Jayne asking her mom via facetime "but what about the bookfair!" when given the option to leave school and meet her baby sister lololol. 
-Hunter pointing out a fur hood on a coat in front of us at the BYU football game that was blowing so beautifully in the wind. Mitch and I couldn't stop staring at it the rest of the game. 
-Dance aerobics around the kitchen at the cabin with my friends to Hungry Like the Wolf (I have been listening to this song at least 3 times a week for the last few months. Someone please analyze and get back to me with what this means)
-Dance train with Max down the hall before I went to bed the other night. Even though I'm so happy to be back in Provo, I'll miss moments like this with him.
-Brig almost in tears saying "maybe she died" to Violet when they couldn't find me while playing hide and seek
-Messing up a few times trying to play Jessica's Theme from Man from Snowy River (it had been a few months since I'd played it) then finally getting it down and Brig saying "now we're talking" as he started to dance to it.
-Jamming with mom on the way to a BYU football game belting Someone Like You from Jekyll and Hyde.
-Mom letting me wake up Max with dancing and it taking him a solid two hours to finally get up.