Friday, August 26, 2016

yo remember back on the boogie when cats used to harmonize like

Haven't posted in a couple of months. That's because a lot of times this feels like a chore. It feels that way today, so I'm sucking it up. 

 I found this on my parent's computer and knew I would regret not sharing this with you.

 After I called Rachel out on my last blog post hahaha

Cousins Camp 2k16 (when you don't have kids of your own they put you in charge of supervising craft time)

..and 30 people are missing

so much personality went into this batch of cookies

The banker emailed me after to say how nice it was to meet my niece. If you're trying to keep my business, you don't have to pretend that you had a conversation with my niece that deeply impacted your life. 

Sometimes my hairstyles seem more like an attempt at channeling my inner Anne Shirley

Proud of you girls because there was no way I was getting all the way in this water
(that's Lauren and Catherine btw)

Made some party crowns for my party girls

This is a picture of the old me...a girl who never took off her makeup before she went to bed. That girl is gone now, just a shadow in the past...and all that remains are a few used Neutrogena towelettes in the wastebasket.
She's only been gone for a week but here's to new beginnings lol

 I am not throwin away my shot

enter code kate4pres to get 25% off the sunnies I designed with Bella Fab Boutique
(am I bachelor contestant material now?)

Jojo is the only person I accept snap chat filters from because lololol

I was lucky enough to go to Lake Powell again this summer for work.

One hand clinging to the tube, the other trying to keep the small child on my lap alive.

Every time we'd jump off we'd have a different saying. Usually we would yell things like "girls rule, boys drool" or "boys have cooties" you know, mature things for girls my age to say.

Michael attempts to trick me into thinking they are having a baby...

Kentlands chicks turned Lanai chicks

I shake it like jello make the boys say shello

Not even my idea

Lauren made flower crowns with my nieces when I was in Maryland, so I made one for my cousin Sam's bridal shower.

but here is the most important part of the shower

 I'm over the whole face swap thing, but this was too funny. Planning a DNA test to see which one of us is adopted

My high school basketball coach Angie is getting married!!! 

Las single cousins at Sam's wedding 

thanks for the wingspan dad

 should have saved Ruthie Pigface Draper title for this post

Stay on yo side! Max got his permit. Also, bringing it back to me, does this lipstick color make me look like I have hypothermia? I can't decide if I love it or look like I'm about to pass out. This picture makes it look less purpley grey than it usually looks. 

The only picture I got from the wedding I helped Holly with

Sleepover aka face masks and Slipper and the Rose. Hiding the fact I'm still mad at her for watching High School Musical 3 without me. 

the good life

Who wore it best?

happy extras:
Vinny spending 2.5 hours on the toilet because we all refused to wipe his bum for him. I really do admire his determination though.
-Michael sending me a snapchat of the current pandora station he was listening to saying it was my playlist because all of my jams kept coming on. The current song playing? The Real Slim Shady...If you're looking for a good ringtone I bought the marimba remix of this song a while back and it has greatly increased my joy.
-Brig telling his mom about Orcas because I had taught him about them and telling her "Kate knows everything" take that haterz
-attempting to paint nails with Brenna and getting grass and a million other things stuck to our toenails
-One of the little girls at the end of the trip to Lake Powell saying that the best part of her week was getting to see me again (I'm giving credit to my ability to fishtail braid)
-Chatting with my boss on the drive home from Lake Powell about life, dating, books etc. and being grateful to nanny for a family where I get to be friends with the mom too.
-Brigham requesting Guns and Ships while we were driving home one day, and when it got to his favorite part yelling Lafayette!
-Facetiming Vin while he was at the Lake and him introducing me to his cousins as his girlfriend. How much longer do you think I can keep this going?
-Jo sending me a snapchat of her crying watching Vampire Diaries.
-Driving with Lauren and Catherine with the top down belting She's So High while merging onto the freeway
-Everyone in the theatre breaking into dance at the same time during Ghostbusters when the theme song first came on. It took me back to when I used to listen to it every day before or on my way to school my sophomore year of college. I highly recommend if you want to start your day off totally hyped.
-Game night at the cabin playing Heads Up when Justin and I dove onto the floor at the same time to act it out. 
-Max coming into my room at 1 am to check on me because he could hear me sneezing. He also brought me a roll of toilet paper to keep by my bed.
-Sometimes I worry that the kids at work get sick of me, but it's always reassuring when they chant "stay! stay!" over and over as I'm leaving.
-Max learning Comfortable by John Mayer on the guitar for me and him trying to keep it a secret at first. What a cute little guy we have. 
-Ward in the room next to us singing Our Savior's Love my last Sunday at Lanai. This happened my last Sunday at Condo Row too. God looks out for us in even the littlest ways.