Wednesday, June 15, 2016

on the east coast we ride until we die

I'm tired and don't want to come up with some paragraph about how life has been crazy busy and fun and blah blah blah so I'm just gonna get right into this thing.

our last hang with Kristen Owens

 stopped by Jayne's overpriced art sale

I'm a bad friend and accidentally pushed Britt's aux cord all the way into her car. How it happened I don't even know, but we spent 20 minutes in the Lanai visitor parking lot trying to figure out how to reverse it. 

Stevie Wonder texted me to come hang out with her in Alpine one Saturday morning. Her friends weren't even out of town. 

Sunday snugs 

How many pictures do I have to post on here to prove that I'm the favorite grandchild?

Kwasi's height and hair make for the perfect pillow

I would say totally married, but at this point they weren't. Kristen's reception was the night before the wedding. I got to join in on the decorating with Queen Tami. How freaking gorgeous did Kristen look? I couldn't stop talking about it.

waiting for the Ruesche's 

Now I can say TOTALLY MARRIED!!! 

Ignore my swollen right leg and the giant gash going down it. It won't heal!

Don't believe me? Check out this cankle. It has been over a month since I fell off of that stupid wall!

Dayna is kind of the best sister in law you could have.

We went to our second Alison Show party together. The theme this time was 90's hip hop. If you know me, you know that I listen to 90's hip hop more than any other music (except for maybe 70's rock). It was an entire evening of dancing to my best jams, completely in my element.

 hanging with my entourage of hot Provo moms

recreation of our gem jam picture

 Chelsea came all the way from Oregon to party.

Guess where I was last week?

HOME! This is my childhood home. I make Kaile do a drive-by every time I'm back in Maryland.

Shout out to Lauren and Scott for dating back in 2003 and arranging this friendship

 nobody parties like Celeste Gerard

 Blythe trying to sneak into the National Cathedral with a group of middle schoolers

So fun seeing Rachel, even though she's known me for 5 years and still can't spell my last name ;)

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy
Strawberry picking at Butler with Celeste

The picture I took of my meal from Moby Dick to make my parents jealous

best franz 4evr

For years I have tried to go to the aquarium in Baltimore when I've visited home. It never worked out...UNTIL NOW. After 13 years I finally made it back to the Baltimore National Aquarium, and it was the best day! I'm weirdly obsessed with my childhood, and this aquarium was a huge part of it. It hasn't changed very much since I was a kid. Seeing the shark ramp and touching stingrays took me right back. ALSO...

They still have the bubble tubes!!! This is where we took pictures for my birthday in first grade. 

well, we tried

We did a city swap and headed to the National Cathedral for Bekah's birthday celebration

If you ever have a chance, go to the Bishop's gardens at the National Cathedral!

I may just be an idiot, but I had no idea you could put a water bottle over the flashlight on a phone to do this. Still amazed.

This week we celebrated something special... 25 years of friendship!!! Technically our friendiversary is in August, because that's when my family moved to Maryland 25 years ago, but we celebrated early because we do what we want! It's pretty cool to think that I have no memory of life without Kaile. I moved to Maryland when I was 10 months old, so she's always been there. I'm so thankful to have a friend who gets everything about me. Love you baby friend!

My perfect trip home sadly had to come to an end, but I'm happy to be back in Utah. 

I've said it many times that all I really need is a guy who will play with my hair and take me to the Baltimore Aquarium. I got both things this week. Josie chose to come hang out with me in Provo for a sleep over. Yeah, you heard me right. Two hangs in one blog post. I'm ignoring the fact that free Waffle Love is what originally brought her to Provo, but I'm glad she came to fill me in on the freshman happenings while massaging my head.

happy extras:

-My friend saying I look like I should have a British accent (although, it's probably only because I'm pale)
-Brittany and I seeing the most handsome group of guys we've ever seen at Cubby's. Goodbye my lost loves.
-Hearing Josephine running downstairs when I pulled into the garage to come hang out with her.
-Some stupid kid was mean to Jo, and she was upset, so mom goes "whose house do we need to toilet paper" who knew Monette had it in her?
-Having the nicest friends who helped us move stuff out of the Wakefield house after a break in.
-Jayne talking about things that she hates, and I turned to her and said "you know what I hate?" and immediately she answered saying "High School Musical 2"...she was right.
-Watching Bachelorette with Kaile. The best episode of reality tv I've ever seen. Thank you Chad.
-Dad texting me while in Maryland with a song to add to my spotify playlist.
-Spending National Best friends day with my best friend during our friendiversary week!
-Josie screaming and clapping when she saw Oprah at the Tony's
-Family dance party to Funkytown in the kitchen. Max even came in from the other room to get in on it. I don't know what changed in me. I used to hate that song, and now... I can't get enough.
-Corn hole with Trent and Josie at Kiwanis
-Swimming with my babies and using Grace as a shield when the water guns came out.
-Max getting in on the girl's waxing party in the kitchen and letting us get his unibrow