Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ruthie Pigface Draper

 I love and hate how facebook reminds me how weird and creepy I am. This was during my family's Biggest Loser phase.

Went to the Jack Pines (my cousin in law Greg's band) concert by myself, because I'm their number one fan in the fam. They are now on Spotify! Go check them out!!

We get lazier every year with our picture taking. This secret snapshot is the only documentation of our mother/daughter PLC luncheon. 

Mom and I went shopping for Josie for her birthday. Usually she doesn't like what my mom picks out, so this time I kept score Mom vs. Jo. She only disliked 1! Mom killed it. I added myself to the scoreboard when I came in hot with a slam toward Jo.

My parents left me, the responsible adult, in charge when they went to Michigan for Mike's graduation. I pulled my siblings away from homework and made them drive to Provo with the top off to get Cluck Truck at the Provo Food Truck Roundup.  

Jo didn't seem mad about it...

Max actually was enjoying it too... until we got on the freeway, and he held onto his biology homework for dear life. 

clucking delicious
We made a stop by Steve's to see pantless Frankie before we went back and finished homework/had a dance party in the kitchen to My Humps. 

Mofino got new braids. That meant a night spent taking out the old ones.

We eventually were smart enough to cut them off

Gracie and Vi got in late with my parents the night before mothers day. I offered to stay with Grace so my mom could get some sleep. Girl kept me up all night (like I didn't sleep at all). The next day Grace was having a rough time, and I was sooooo tired, so I sent this to my mom. 

I know, I'm the devil here, not Grace.

This is probably karma for making fun of Grace. I fell off of the wall at my house while gardening. I'm a klutz by nature, but I really have NO idea how this happened. One second I was maneuvering around the tree, and the next I was in a bush hitting my head on the rock wall below. It looks like a baby scratch here but my whole leg was bruised, I have a major gash in my shin and my ankle swelled up. 

Watched the Magleby cousins the next weekend. Pseudo mom of the year y'all! 

Josie Mags squared facetiming

Franklin or baby Taylor Swift? Honestly don't know

Jo is Serena Williams

OH MY GOSH is that Max Magleby Honor Roll Student? 

and for all of you wondering HE IS NOT TALLER THAN ME YET!!

Everybody's favorite Kristen Kate* Owens is getting married!  
*Disclaimer: I gave her the middle name Kate in high school 

Shout out to my yard for always providing fresh flowers that I don't have to buy at Costco. 

 Kristen is honestly one of the best people I have ever known. If you know Kristen, you know one of the kindest, most genuinely good people on the planet. She exudes light. Every time I am around her I want to be better and being around her makes you a better person. I adore you Kristen Owens, and I am so happy that you found such an incredible man to spend your life with. He is the luckiest, and we wouldn't give you up to anyone else!
Blurry but this is makes me really happy

post church coloring crew

I just wanted a picture of me with all six of my nieces and nephews. It was too much to ask, as my vigorous recruiting was ignored.

Happy Extras:

-This isn't a happy extra. This is a cry for help. I have been calling everyone dawg lately, and I don't know how to stop.
-Been stressing about what to do with my life (what's new lol) and Kaile suggested I just rob my family.
-Teaching Taytem the cup game after dance, then purposefully throwing her off by clapping an extra time as we'd start to see her intense face trying to get it right. Sometimes I make myself sound like a total brat on here, but I swear she thought it was funny and would giggle every time. 
-"Winning doesn't matter, family does" -Vinny to competitive Jayne. You're right Vinny, just not at our house.
-Went to my first BYU baseball game...then went to another the next night. Go Cougars! Go Sports!
-Playing what are the odds at the Village. Started the night with fresh lipstick and ended it with ice cubes shoved down my throat and powdered sugar in my hair.
-singing multiple stanzas of No Scrubs with Mike on Facetime
-Violet's singing. I wish that everyone could hear Violet's rendition of Reflection from Mulan. If I was tech savvy I would find a way to make that happen.
-Before I fell off of the wall, talking to mom about life and what I'm trying to figure out currently while we gardened.
-Crying and laughing to Kaile after I fell off of my garden wall because my mom wasn't home, and I had to tell someone how painful it was. That's what best friends are really for.
-Grace only wanting to go to me the week we watched the girls. That was probably a result of our late night hang.
-working for Holly, learning to prep for Cluck Truck, while hanging and chatting with my dad's older cousin Michelle
-Leaving my house for the evening and saying "love you" to my dad. He said "yeah" and shut the door behind me. It sounds sad as I'm typing it, but it was really funny as it was happening I swear.
-Chatting with Trent and Coulsen about my future, careers etc. and being grateful for friends who act as pseudo dads.
-Brigham calling Violet honey while playing house.
-Brig's friend coming out of the bathroom with his pants completely down to show us the bandaids from his Kindergarten shots. Tried to tell him to pull his pants up, but I couldn't formulate sentences as a suppressed my shock and silent laughter.
-Drive up to Sundance with Tyler, Sean, Justin and Robin. I will forever love that place.
-Helping Josie study for her test with the whole fam, discussing history and random facts.
-finally convincing Frank after great effort, to go to the bathroom on the potty today after church. A little while later, Max came upstairs to tell me that Frankie needed to go to the bathroom again, but wanted me to be the one to help him. Little victories that make me feel like maybe one day I won't suck at being a mom
-Blasting The Bitch is Back while driving back into Provo after being away. Did you miss me?

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