Monday, March 28, 2016


SO yeah I'm going to start this out with our amazing premonition...Kaile and I had this conversation in February, and Hulu just announced that the OC is coming in April.

 Grace can say Kate, and Violet is still working those angles. 

I hate running. I will never like it. I usually run to Steve's, so I can hang with the kids for a little bit. It makes going on a run semi tolerable. In between my running one day Jayne and I had a full on dance party. Honestly that's probably a better workout for me than running anyway.
Running suuuuuuuuuucks

my cute boyfriend (my credit card) got me these pretty flowers at Costco

This really flattering selfie had to be posted, because it was taken right as I woke up on my one year friendiversary with Emilee! Obviously we've been friends for years, but last year we became best friends who were inseparable (until she left me for a mission duh). It took me getting dumped (lol)  for us to get as close as we did, so we count the date of my breakup as the beginning of our true friendship. That sounds depressing, but in reality it was the best thing that could have happened. It led to the happiest friendship that both of us needed. It's funny to see how life pans out and why certain things happen to allow more important things to take place. Last summer was the best summer I've ever had. I miss that girl and feel so lucky to call her my best friend.

I celebrated by hanging with Frankie...

and eating Nerds Rope which I hadn't had in over a year.  I held out eating a Nerds Rope until our friendiversary, because I'm weird and sentimental and wanted something to celebrate with. It was eaten while watching Clueless (which I also was saving for our friendiversary) "cause I'm keepin' it real".

Thought I was a fun aunt for taking Jayne to get Jamba Juice. Instead of getting a smoothie, she wanted Pirates Booty. Why did you even come Jayne??

not so solid attempt at being classy at Sunday dinner

Alison's Gem Jam

 I posted the "better" version on Instagram, but thought this one deserved a shout out

Still debating if the highlight of the evening was when Shoop came on or Backstreets Back

 Pizzeria 712 for DJane04's 30th. Trying so hard to blend in with the Provo moms

Sometimes I feel lame for being a college grad and a nanny. Then I see pictures like this, and I smile and feel so grateful for what I get to do.

Sweet Taytem got baptized a few weeks ago. I met her when she was 5! Sometimes I feel like a mom as I cry over them growing up. I love my job.

Jayne ditched me at the luncheon after to sit at Taytem's table.

 SOS when Violet leaves me in the cupboard as we facetime.

Al and I threw a Spring Fling dance last weekend. It is an absolute miracle that I didn't fall off of this ladder, because it almost happened about 7 times.

I didn't get a good picture of this so... regrets.

 People actually showed up!

Also, my junior prom date Brent came. We took a picture where we took our prom pictures 8 YEARS AGO. 


Josie only hangs out with me when she's grounded

Lil guy is an Eagle Scout... and I'm going to stop thinking about it... so I don't cry... because my baby brother is growing up... and I can't deal!

Showing mom why she should take pictures of us instead of the Eagle Scout
omg it's Max Magleby Eagle Scout!

Have I mentioned how I'm still a pre-teen? I've had Ariana Grande's Piano on repeat for the last two weeks. I brought Frank to work with me one day. He's young enough to not get mad at me for playing the same song on repeat in the car. Guess it stuck... 

I've done so many stupid face swaps on snap chat. I'll spare you all and share only my favorite 

The most angelic person you will ever meet got married on Friday. I adore Shea Moon

Shea thanked me because she thought Emily's compliment to her came out of my mouth. Though I obviously agreed, I had to explain that I thought she was great, but I didn't say anything.

Porter family Easter Party

 I plucked Max's unibrow and he plucked mine. Sibling affection at its best.

Easter Sunday

to quote 3 year old Max "you're a pretty mommy"

 Happy Extras:

-Being distracted reading Emilee's email as I left the post office and trying to open someone else's car door repeatedly, until I realized it wasn't mine.
-Costco with Allison to get 750 water bottles for Gem Jam and not taking out any children in the process
-Taking buzzfeed character quizzes with Sierra and getting Jean Ralphio from Parks and Rec and Kirk from Gilmore Girls
-Helping set up for two parties two weeks in a row and remembering how much I love it.
-Lowering the seat of my car to fit my top knot.
-Brigham spotting me and coming over from across the room at Taytem's baptism to give me a hug. Never grow up please.
-Catching Jayne growling and staring at her reflection in my car
-Adam telling me I look nice on a day that I really needed it.
-Playing the Magic 8 ball music game with Taytem while killing time before dance. She asked "will Kate get a boyfriend?" lol
-Playing an animal hunting game with Brig on his ipad and screaming at the end when the animal attacked him (ferociously I might add). Friendly reminder as to why I only play Mario Party 2.
-Cabin game night playing signs, the number game and sardines. I've got good people.
-Dad coming up with a name for a new food truck he wants to do: Kate's Bad Ass Soft Serve