Wednesday, February 24, 2016

whatta man

Sorry for the deceiving post title. There is no man (other than colonel Brandon). I've just been listening to Salt-n-Pepa a lot lately.
Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite movies. I grew up watching it regularly with my mom and Lauren. This is my favorite Alan Rickman (sorry Snape). Whatta man whatta man what a mighty good maaaan. Also, Mindy Kaling said it perfectly.

Final pink pic before...

I was really sad to cut off my pink UNTIL I CUT OFF MY PINK. It's soooooo freaking nice having healthy hair again

Allison's the one I bring home to mom and dad

Look at her cute braids!

Went with Dayna and Crystal to the What We Believe fireside and got to hear Sarah sing. 

When Kaile and I get so excited, but we have to keep it from Maren. Also, if you're ever curious from my screen shots, Kaile is in my phone as David. It's a long story, but I put her in as that in 9th grade and haven't been able to bring myself to change it.

relief society trip to see the bride's room in the new temple. tall girls peeking in the back

so so happy these girls moved in with me 

A few days later I got to volunteer at the open house. If you need to know whether you parked in the red or blue zones I'm your girl.

with our supervisor

MAREN CAME TO VISIT!!!!!!! It had been 2 years since I last saw her! I wish my friends could be back together always, because this was the happiest reunion.

Got to go through the rest of the temple with my parents and gramma Mags. We found grandpa's painting. If you are going through the tour, it's as you're leaving the baptistery on your left in the doorway. I got a little emotional seeing it. I miss gramps a lot. I'm so happy that I get to see his paintings in the temples. ALSO I went to the Provo temple on Saturday and found another one of his paintings as I was walking out on the mens' side. He has 3 not 2 on the main floor. Happy discovery of the week.

The only pictures I ever have of me hanging out with my condo row friends are snap chats from Sean

This had me giggling so hard. I'm 12.

Ran into Emilee's kids at Costco!!!

On February 6th I had the opportunity to attend the funeral of Christianne's sweet baby girl Jane. Although tragic and heartbreaking, it was such an inspiring experience for me. Christianne and Dallin got up and shared powerful testimonies of the plan of salvation. When they had every reason to despair, they gave gratitude to Heavenly Father for allowing them to be Jane's parents. I have only met Dallin and handful of times, because they weren't in Utah while they were dating. I knew he was a great guy, but this experience confirmed to me just how wonderful he is as I saw him stand by Christianne. It is my hope for all of my friends to find such incredible guys to be with. They all deserve that. I can check these two girls off the list of friends to hope for because they both found such amazing men to be with. I love these former roommates of mine.

90's party

Violet is my favorite person to facetime because she sticks her face right up in the camera

and holds it at really flattering angles 

Played mom for a week. Taytem requested a girl minion Valentine box (I was a little stressed trying to figure out how to make that happen). In the end it was sort of a success and went with her Twinkie minion valentines.

People have told me that Kaile and I are very similar in our mannerisms and sayings. It's probably because we both endured the horror that was Round House Theatre camp. It's experiences like that that bond you for life. 

 for the first time in years I made valentines for my friends (insert heart eye emoji here)

I bet you're thinking wow Kate is really artistic because she made an ice sculpture for her nephew's 5th birthday. 

It says happy b-day V. I know, I know, I'm trying to stay humble here but like woooow this is amazing.

 you'd think Hans was the birthday boy

 Jayne reading scriptures by dinosaur headlamp light

come little children I'll take thee away

I'd like to promise that I'm not as aggressive playing Heads Up as I look in this picture. Can I though? Happiest of b-day parties for my favorite twins. 

teaching Brig to write B's

my three on one date to the BYU game Saturday night. Again I have Sean to thank for the photo

Moroccan Sunday dinner. 

 best franz 4evr

top down weather is back

work outs with mom and Holly

happy extras:
-Costco with Steve, Vinny and Frankie, hiding the money from Vinny so he thought he lost it. I'm actually really mean to my nephews. I repeatedly scared Frankie with a toy spider when I brought him to work with me and sent snap chats of it to my friends. I do snuggle them and tell them I love them more than I scare them though so I think we're ok...
-squealing reunion in the stairwell with Maren.
-the day the radio just got me and played only my favorite jams on 94.9
-watching The Last Song on Sierra's birthday to try and understand why Miley and Liam got back together. We were left just as confused as we were before.
-emailing back and forth with Emilee discovering that our best friends anniversary is coming up. It's March 3rd for anyone who wants to celebrate it.
-"Please Lord just let me go" whispered by grandma Mags on the car ride home from dinner when my 12 year old cousin was talking about lyrics to the song she wrote about a boy who didn't love her back.
-showed up an hour late to my ward party (work) only to find a ragin' dance party in the club house.
-helping Kirk with his boy band choreography for his ward talent show. Looked up old BSB videos for inspiration.
-Hunter calling Allison, Brooke and me amazing out of nowhere at Sunday dinner. I have witnesses.
-Brigham saying something smelled bad then sniffing me to see if it was me. To my relief he said "mmmmm you smell gooooood" This was the day after I forgot to wear deodorant to church and was the validation I was looking for.
-leaving the Adam's house for the last time ever yesterday. Didn't realize it until I had already left. They moved into a rental while they build their new house (in my home ward!!!). It's so crazy to think I'll never go in their house again. So much growth has happened for me in the 2.5 years that I've worked for them. That house had so many happy memories (and sad during hard times). I will miss it and the experiences I had there.

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