Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How did Joe Kelly get to be a lector? He takes marijuana

 Every time I go to blog I realize that I only ever take pictures with the babies/children in my life. I swear I hang out with people my own age occasionally too. Also, this post has possibly the highest amount of crappy quality pictures I've ever had in a post. LOL. Alas, this is how I document my life,  because I am TERRIBLE at journal writing, so I'll work with what I've got.

 Calle sales can be a little boring sometimes, but sitting at a makeshift checkout desk all day can be a party when Blythe is there to help. Also I keep staring at this picture and can't figure out what kind of creature I look like. It's actually really bothering me. If you can figure it out text me please.

No, I didn't cry during my nephews Christmas program. That would be so embarrassing.

Dayna wasn't feeling well and Steve was somewhere, so I decided to try out the single mom life taking the kids to their ward Christmas party. Trying to get food for the three older kids while holding psycho Hansie gave me a new respect for moms with a lot of young kids. HOW do you do it? Also thanks to the lady in their ward who took this picture of Jayne and Vin and got my number to send it to me. Made me feel like a real mom.

I type up his paper for him. He gives me a back massage. All I do is win

Drive in Christmas lights in Kearns with the Reids

Jo was there too

and Grace...

I promise Grace is actually really cute

Jo had this on her phone of my back yard. Die winter

2nd favorite text from my dad after the one where he called me a dog. 

 Post Porter family Christmas party rager in Max's pants and Birks. Cue Nutcracker dubstep

Watched Grace and Vi for a few minutes while Santa went and bought some Christmas presents in the Riverwoods. 

Grace lol

As a surprise for Laur and Dayna we took some pictures of the girls in matching dresses. My heart

 I spent Christmas in a snow globe this year.

There were lots of snuggles, appreciated and unwanted

our spots are different, different colors

Dad with his gift from me. Baby Big E is now a mug

Stopped by to see gramma Mags on Christmas

My gift to Vin was a dinosaur toothbrush holder. Thanks pinterest and Jimmy

Kaile came up to hang/watch Divergent. That's so dauntless

 Jayne and Frankie, no wait that's Violet in Frankie's pajamas. Hard to tell when they look exactly the same from behind.

Came back into service with texts from the Jeppesens informing me that Parenthood season 6 was now on Netflix. I know who my true friends are. ALSO I need to change Jenee's name in my phone! 

While everyone was out snowboarding and skiing (not my jam) I was hanging with Jaynie doing makeup. With her red lips she reminded me of Taylor Swift so... intruducing bb Taylor

Nothing screams 81st birthday party like playing with a hedgehog
Chloe and Hans trying to hang with us

Last selfie of 2k15

New Years Eve with the best people

Getting too old for New Years Eve, so the next day we slept and watched movies

Facebook reminding me of the emotional abuse I face daily

Vi girl came to work with me. I love the Violet/Brigham combo

Last time dying my hair because the pink goes away this week. I am SO sad about it, but it's time. My ends are SO damaged and I'm ready for healthy hair again. I cope by telling myself that I'll do the pink again someday. I hope that's the case because I'm real sad over here. 

Lauren telling Violet not to lie:
L: Violet, princesses don't lie
V: I am a princess who lies!


happy extras:
-One of my new years resolutions is to be more friendly (because I'm naturally shy). I saw a girl sitting at church not talking to anyone so walked over and talked with her a bit. Later in the conversation she said coming to our ward was great (she was visiting) because of friendly people like me. This was such a big deal to me because normally I shy away from situations like that. Being friendly can make such a difference for people in new situations, and I'm embarrassed that I haven't been better at that in the past. 
-Beauty and the Beast at BYU. It was hilarious! I love that I was raised on musicals and that my family continues to go to them together.
-Mom helping me clean my car after an unnamed sister in law ;) spilled soda all over the passenger floor.
-Introducing Jayne to Narnia and Princess Bride.
-Getting a hoverboard for Christmas from the family I nanny for. I haven't broken any limbs yet holla!
-Collinsworth being one assist away from a triple double and all of the students yelling "shoot it!" any time he passed it to someone
-Playing date, marry, kill (or a variation of that) with Kirk, Shea, CJ, Seth and Jen after our respective ward prayers on Sunday.
-Getting into a mini dodgeball fight with my 3 year old cousin James after the family Christmas party.
-We never watch Miss Universe but for some reason our family caught the last 30 minutes of it this year. Dad was LOVING it and hopped on twitter to see what everyone was saying after Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. 
-having Max climb into bed with me and Jo Christmas morning to have our dad come "jingle" us out of bed. We thought we were hilarious, but dad never came into our room. He just came outside the door and our joke ended flat.
 -going to Creed with dad, Max and Josie and leaving the theater punching everyone. Go see that movie and tell me that you can stop yourself from punching people after. You can't.
-receiving my own Christmas card from my cousin Lynsie. I was weirdly emotional that day and thought it was the nicest thing that she thought of me.
-starting a raging game of duck duck goose with Brooke at the family party that turned into whatever words the kids wanted to use. I get along better with kids than I do adults
-playing Thomas trains with Frankie and telling him bedtime stories about lightning McQueen winning the Frankie cup on the couches at the cabin. You all probably don't care about that (or any of this section) but I don't want to forget it.
-Frankie pointing to my mole telling me I have something on my face. When I explained that it was part of my face he told me to take it off. Reminds me of when I asked my mom to put cover up on it for my baptism lol.
-Going back and deleting texts from my dad so I don't feel like a loser when I look back and see all my texts that he never responds to.
-Making a collage with Kaile of pictures of our friend with hot guys cut out of magazines after a boy was stupid to her. Took me back to middle school. 
-Making smoothies with Vi. I've never seen someone so enthusiastic about fruit
-Breakfast with some of my people at the Jeppesen's. First time seeing them since their wedding
-Sitting by Celeste at Jane's birthday dinner and walking home with her. The world needs more genuine, kind people like her. 
-Me: Violet isn't Max a good dancer?
Violet: He tooted when I put on my shoes and it stinked