Tuesday, December 8, 2015

any choice is better than spain

I actually disagree with the above title because is there a better choice than Spain ever? PROBABLY not just needed a title and I love Ever After more than I can say.

I cannot believe that Hans is one year old. So much has changed for me in his little lifetime. 

so pumped

Sean told me guys wouldn't ask me out if I dyed my hair pink. My only concern was whether or not I could play intramural basketball. The answer is yes you can if you're sneaky at hiding it.

Kaile is in nursing school. Unfortunately we live on opposite sides of the country. Thankfully, facetime allows her to still perform assessments on me.

 The most handsome boy before his primary program debut. LOL Frank in the background

Max and I were so irreverent and made this picstitch of baby Big E and Harry during the meeting. When I'm with my little brother I regress to 11 year old Kate. 11 year old church Kate should stay in the past. Sorry for not listening the 15 times you told us to be quiet, mom. 

Cluck Truck date night with Gramma Mags

Post lipsync battle JCW's. Kirks snap is an all too accurate depiction of my friendship with Sean. Speaking of Kirk on snap chat...

 If you believe it you can achieve it. Double hearts yo!

Babysitting snugs as Jayne read us a bedtime story aka the good life. Photo cred goes to Brooke who came and visited me while I was watching the kids.

You can't tell from this really high quality pic but these are the kittens Kirk rescued

The klutz trying to adult.

All too often I make my friends drive with me to pick Taytem up from dance as we blast Celine.

Facetiming Kirk from his car where he told us to meet him...

 Cute Jayne came running out as we drove away to go to the BYU basketball game to see if my dad had an extra ticket for her. He didn't, and it made me so sad... so I took her as my date to the next game. When I picked her up she had pom poms and asked me if I wanted some too. She ran downstairs so excited to get me my set. 

Sparkling cider and movie night. It kinda rocks when your cousin is one of your best friends.

Logan roadtrip

and we arrive to this.

easily the best wedding present I've ever given

I dream of a day when Michael and Jenee's children will drink out of their favorite mug.  

 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!

 sibling bonding with Max vs. sibling bonding with Josephine

 Tried capturing the INSANE sunset while driving Maddy to the airport.

Beginning of the wedding pics. Here I am right before my first Greyhound ride. Definitely a new experience... This is the snapchat I sent Michael and Jenee the day before they got married! To say I was excited is a great understatement.

My car was having some troubles, and I didn't want to risk driving it to St. George to meet up with Rachel. Lots of stressing/figuring out the cheapest option that worked with our time frame, finally led to the purchase of a Greyhound ticket (meh). I made it to St. George and Rachel and I drove to San Diego where we stayed at our first Air Bnb. Sorta sketchy (home under construction) but an experience I will never forget.

 Quickly into our trip down we passed my Greyhound. Peace out chain smokers!

Pre sealing selfie. 

 Beautiful day at a beautiful place
 Unintentional florals made for some great stand in groomsman outfits.

Always a groomsman, never a bride.

couldn't miss the chance to go to the beach in San Diego

 I was too buys obsessing over the beautiful reception that I forgot to take more pictures.


My gorgeous new 5th cousin!!!!!!

 I say this a lot, but there are few things better than witnessing your best friends finding love. I feel so lucky that I got to watch Michael and Jenee fall in love this year. This was the best quality picture that I got with both of them right before I left to go to Vegas. Sad I missed the dance party aka the best part of every wedding reception.

 Too complicated to explain (nah I'm just lazy) but I had to drive to Vegas before going back to California with Steve and his family. The drive to Vegas wasn't too bad with Rachel Wade by my side and Serial in our shared earbuds to keep us awake.

early wakeup for steve's soccer game

worth it though because the next day I was at Disneyland with my fave peeps

V wanted to show me how brave he was by not having me hold onto him like last year...

His face has me thinking otherwise.

Wasn't ready for the camera first time around

Good thing we had stroller passes/fast passes to take us right back on the ride.

Hans killed it on Astro Blasters

Frank made this trip for me. It was the best being there with him and watching his reactions to everything. Disneyland is so much better with kids. 

When in lines for rides with Frank we would play a game. It went something like this:
Kate: "I. love. you."
Frankie: "I. love. you."
then we would repeat a few times and as he would said "I love you" I would say "you're the best". He would LOSE it laughing. We played this in line for the Toy Story ride for like 15 minutes straight. Love that weirdo

Wish I could post the video of Frank that I took when he first saw the Mater ride. Pure joy. 

Not the first time at a Disney park that they thought Steve was my husband. BLEH. In their defense I was dressed like a mom both days.

angel baby (seriously he was so good this trip) and my best girl

Tried to take a selfie right as the ride started moving. LOL at the stress on my face

Still in shock that Jayne went on this ride. 6 year old Kate would have cried.
Vinny: "If I'm scared, will you protect me?"

Last week was crazy busy. The day after I got back to Utah I went to the Acacia Shade fundraiser. Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah was the speaker. You should all go look up his story or watch his movie. He is such an inspiration. Also, so many people asked me about who was in this picture with me (couldn't tag the hottie cause he has no instagram). For those of you who don't know him, this is my cousin Adam. Sorry to get your hopes up people, but thanks for being fans of my love life. 

 Got to see my former babysitter and sister of my BFF Kaile. So fun to chat with her for a little bit (mostly about Kaile because hello obsessed with my best friend over here)

Threw a party at the cabin with my cousins on Friday night. The only picture I took was of the crispy mnm's to send to Emilee on her mission. You can tell where my head is at these days LOL. Who would have thought that they girl who annoyed me in primary would turn out to be one of my very best friends?

The next night I went to the classy Christmas party in Park City and only took a picture to send to Emilee of me with Paul. Thanks for still helping me document my life from the other side of the country Em.

Based on who I follow on social media, it has been so in my face that The Bachelor starts next month. Ben Higgins is back on social media. Happy cause I missed him, but praying that he didn't find love. My biggest regret so far in life is not signing up for his season. MAJOR REGRETS people. Kinda mad at you all for not just submitting an application for me. You knew this would happen.

 Kaile sent this to me and I lol'd because the first two apply to me currently. RIP Ben Higgins and my happiness.

At least I still get to hang with this lil guy all the time building forts

Proof that I'm kinda an idiot but funny conversation that I want to remember:
Kate: what if I was a vampire, and then I bit you and turned you into a vampire. Then we could be vampire sisters.
Josie: How can I be a vampire? I'm black. Wouldn't that be a wolf?

 Happy extras:
-Allison Garvey bringing me a donut for no reason because she's an angel friend.
-Max calling me out for dodging a pinecone on the road
-My dad pulling a prank on me where he convinced me that a family friend of ours talked about me to my parents saying she wished I would give her son one more chance. He went off on this whole made up story and I was sitting there shriveling into the couch. Good one dad. Good one.
-Okkah concert with Seth, Kim and Dave then meeting up with some old friends at Ryan's for cookies.
-Searching for a redbox with Michael for him and Jenee while she was at work. It was our last hang out before he got married. We rocked out to Harlem and searched far and wide for Inside Out, and it was the perfect end to an era.
-Parking in the garage and people showing up and piling into Sydney's car as we all just chatted. We then realized that we could have conversations in our apartment and had girl talk until 3 am with Jane, Lucy and Ally. I'm going to miss the days where I can do this with friends.
-Got really great advice about dating that I loved: find someone who suffers well.
-Snuggling and giggling while Max gave an analysis of my ex boyfriends during primary program. I'm sorry mom but you can't expect us to be quiet during that.
-As Jayne read us bedtime stories:
Brooke: "wow"
Jayne: "who else is saying wow???"
-snuggling Frank watching cars and giggling. I am loving the age he is at
-sending videos of me eating tomatoes to Brooke to prove it wasn't a fluke that I liked cherry tomatoes when we were in Logan. Growing up y'all!
- Allison introducing marimba remixes to me. We both bought new ringtones, so if you call me you're missing out on witnessing me dance to the Real Slim Shady. 
-"you could always tell him you're pregnant" Allison's advice to me when I wanted to get out of a date.
-Sort of being purposefully late to my ward Thanksgiving party so I would have left over of the cream pie that I made. Success.
-2 best friends on missions = 2 p days a week. Blessed
-Chalise telling us what she's allowed to about her martial arts training at Thanksgiving. Get it girl
-Max coming into my room and laying on my bed as he asked me about my crushes, so that he could bring up his crush. He then proceeded to pull my year books of the shelf and talked to me about my middle school crushes. What. A. Cutie.
-Josie not appreciating me singing Lady in Red to her as I dropped her off at tennis. Lol sorry to my kids cause I'm gonna be that embarrassing mom and I look forward to it.
-You knew this was coming Kirk. Kirk's ipod was on shuffle and Part of Your World (Miley Cyrus version) came on.
-not knowing the lyrics to Staying Alive in the car and attempting to sing along with Kirk and Allison.
-Dad pulling Cosmo's tail when he was trying to climb over the barrier by us at the BYU basketball game. Never more proud to call him my father. BYE Cosmo
-Singing the Final Countdown in different voices driving to California with Rachel. It was a long day.
-Having the worst cramps driving with Steve and Co back to California but Steve put on Why Georgia and singing helped me get through them. I now know what will be on my labor playlist LOL tmi but only girls read this so you get me.
-Dance party on the way back from california. Old school Biebs and babies is a brilliant combination.
-"This is amazing!" Frankie on the Small World ride
-Watching Alvin and the Chipmunks driving home from CA. They sing a version of Funky Town and Jayne thought the part that says: "talk about it, talk about it..." said "Taco valley, taco valley"
-talking to friends at the cabin and one said pointing to the other"she has an inhaler now" as she gasps and turns to our friend and asks if that was ok to say. I'm still not sure so I'll keep it anonymous on here ;)
-At work yesterday:
Taytem: "boys don't like pink so you can't have it (a pink toy brig wanted)"
Brigham: "but Kate's hair is pink"
not sure how to interpret that
-stealing the confessions album from the cabin because WE HAD THE CONFESSIONS ALBUM at the cabin! 

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