Monday, September 28, 2015

how can you be nearly headless?

 I recently switched rooms in my apartment. That also means that I switched bathrooms. Poor Miryelle didn't know that she would have to put up with my failed hair dying shenanigans when I moved to her side of the apartment. One night I tried mixing my purple dye in with my conditioner leaving my hand a nice shade of violet. I lost it giggling in the shower. Miryelle knocked on the door to make sure everything was ok, because she's a kind roommate. Me, being the obnoxious roommate that I am then asked her to take a picture as I laughed uncontrollably.

My former Lone Peak basketball babes. It was SO good to meet up with coach Angie for dinner about a month ago. It had been years since I had seen her. 

impromptu park dates with Frankie and Vin when Frank yells at Vinny calling him a Tooty Bum Bum

and Frankie is still liking me people!

 I wasn't even there when this was taken but OH MY GOSH THIS FACE

Pirate Brigham might be my favorite version of him yet. Oh, and I'm a shark...duh

glass on the ground...Em on my back...

looking stoned at condo row dance parties
Kirk came to visit! He sent me a snap chat of Lanai when he got into town. I immediately ran outside thinking he would be pulling into the parking lot. NO! He waited to send it until he was right outside my door. I came running out only to have him jump out and yell at me. I have never screamed so loud or been so startled in my entire life.

matching hair styles

When Max won't acknowledge me when I try to see how tall he is compared to me, and Lauren gets in the way as usual.

Luke is one of my favorite kids. He's part of the family that Emilee nannied for this last year. He invited me to his birthday party earlier this month, and when I got there he paused the party and said "hold on best friend".  I've only been around him three times I think, but every time it's like we are best buds.

Last Christmas Dayna and I got a ticket for my mom to go to the Taylor Swift concert with us. It was so fun to have her there being cute and taking videos for the grandkids. Taylor was perfect, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Girl puts on a shoooooow.

yard sale snugs

cabin cuddles

matching boyfriend on my favorite swing 


the happy life

"hey Kate can you see me?"

I got a little bored watching the BYU football game, apparently he did too. I don't actually know this guy (lol oops), but he fell asleep in Bond position, and I couldn't resist humming the 007 song across the room. When that wasn't enough, I brought it upon myself to cast myself as the next bond chick.

 my awesome homies helped out doing family sealings for gram

and in case you thought all my Frankie pics were staged and/or forced. Check it. He loves me.

Emilee and I were walking on center street when we saw what looked like a squid on the sidewalk. It turned out to be leaf or something, but it sparked some weird thought in my brain. Emilee, being the supportive friend that she is, immediately took me to the Asian Market where we bought BABY OCTOPI! We had a few different ideas of what we were going to do with them. In the end, I think we used them in the perfect way. Emilee was going around saying her goodbyes to people. As a "parting gift" to Bryce we packed them into a to go box from Guru's and wrote a little poem which I tweaked a little here. 

Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
LOLWUT we octupused you
 I could not contain my giggles in the market.

high kicks w/ my main chix

Em's farewell idp

post idp sonic

 Emilee and I said goodbye for 19 months. We ugly cried and kept hugging each other. The next day it hit me even harder. Provo without Emilee would be so different. I had a really hard time thinking that. I was probably so low that I did something a little impulsive...I bought a ticket to go home and be there for her farewell!!! I am so excited to see her and so many other people that I love in the place I love!!

I went to call her and tell her the news but I quickly cancelled the call and facetimed her. I was so giddy. I brought it up by asking her "what are you doing october 8-13th?" then she just shook her head and said "no no no no no" and then we squealed and giggled. I have to thank Kaile for pushing me so much to come out. I'm justifying the trip as a test run to see if that is where I want to move to next year. The story of this facetime call isn't over though. I told her I was actually coming back to Utah on the 14th (the day she enters the MTC). She told me she had just gotten her flight information that day and that she would be leaving for Utah that morning. That's when I started freaking. I asked what airline... she said Delta. I asked what airport... she said BWI. That's when it hit me. THERE WAS A VERY HIGH CHANCE THAT WE WERE ON THE SAME FLIGHT. Immediately she checked her email and I checked mine. She started reading her flight number and I finished it for her because WE ARE ON THE SAME FLIGHT BACK TO UTAH!!!!

Here is a glimpse at what I meant when I said I was at a low point with Em gone...

 India Festival

stolen snap from Britt

Hannah moved to London (r.i.p. my happiness). We obviously had to watch a little MKA before she left.

 This is me publicly shaming Emilee Crowder for going to the Baltimore Aquarium without me. I am the most nostalgic person ever, and the aquarium was one of my favorite places to go as a child. I thought of the only thing that would be equally as hurtful to Emilee for what she did to me.

How does it feel EM???
 ok, I have to say that emilee does earn a few friendship points back. She sent me the picture of the shark ramp that I requested as well as a video of the dolphin show, which she sent without me asking. She has moved down a spot on my list of friend betrayals. Kaile is still at the top because she went to the aquarium, didn't send me pictures and kept it from me for months (like she actually purposefully didn't tell me hahaha). I should go back and screen shot the conversation where she finally confessed.  My friends suuuuuuck.

 I went with Dayna and the kids to Jayne's school carnival on Friday. Jayne requested to have her hair sprayed to look like me. Made my aunt heart melt a lil bit.

 twin hair

 Jimmy fixed the flamingo! It has been in our garage for years waiting to be fixed. Kwasi is buying it, so I took it for a little spin around the neighborhood when we were at their house yesterday.

Yesterday for Sunday dinner Holly and Eli made us food from their truck the Cluck Truck. It's hitting the Provo Food Truck Roundup this Thursday! Guys, it is SOOOOO good! Go try it!

happy extras:

-Our Savior's Love being the hymn in church on a day when I was discouraged. God always seems to know when I need that song.  
-discovering that all I need is a boy who will play with my hair and take me to the Baltimore Aquarium
-going on random walks around the neighborhood and ending up at my cousin Brooke's apartment.
-dinner with Emilee and the Brookes at Slab. I love how kind all those girls are and how freaking hilarious Brooke Ellis is.
-my ref at my basketball game asking me if my Elton John shirt was my moms. LOL no sorry
-Brigham requesting me to play the song from Man From Snowy River on the piano while he had his horse figurine prance around to it. 
-holding Grace while walking around Swiss days in way that she only lets me hold her. Aunt heart melting again.
-running next to the kid I used to nanny for 4 years ago in the elementary school walk a thon. He had no idea who I was but it made me happy being by him again and seeing his older sisters all grown up at the finish line.
-looking up online when the bachelor started filming to see if there was still a chance that I could end up with Ben Higgins. Daddy I love him!
-fixing my jammed convertible top by myself. Used the manual and earned 60 dad points.
-blocking an annoying guy in my co-ed intramural basketball game
-driving home from Taylor Swift with mom as she tapped her light up bracelet to the beat of Eye of the Tiger.
-reading two books in two days because I was depressed that Emilee was gone
-walking into Max's room to find him playing the guitar in his underwear. me:"you look like the naked cowboy" Max: "I am the naked cowboy" lolwut?
-Dying my hair an hour before I needed to go somewhere to try and fix it from my shower fiasco mentioned above
-Bekah's going away party where Emilee and I embarrassed ourselves by showing our favorite Youtube videos.
-hanging with Lauren, Emilee and Catherine at my apartment and bonding over all the things. I love my comfort people
-telling Brigham to tell me when he needs to go potty only to have him salute at me and say "yes sir"

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