Saturday, August 1, 2015

Voltaire? Hair? personally I would like to [talk about my pink hair]

Here's a photo dump because I was too lazy to update over the last month:

 My bucket list with Jayne continued with a sleep over at grandma's...

 and painting nails outside. Thanks for the pedicure Jayne

 puppy barn with these qt's


I decided to keep the 4th strictly a family affair this year. In the morning we had our traditional breakfast/parade watching at Steve and Dayna's. The afternoon was spent swimming and snuggling (pictured below). The evening was filled with watching Parks and Rec with Adam before heading to the BYU soccer game on his scooter. Fireworks on the field brought me back to the days when Steve used to play. Frankie sat on my lap and was theeeee funniest whenever the fireworks went off. Sometimes I wish I appreciated the simple things as much as my little friends do.

Emilee blogs about things that I forget about, and then I cry from laughing when I read them.

Stayed with the kids while their parents were on trek. Cute Jayne came to perform puppet shows, dance recitals and pool gymnastics.

points for whoever can find all three children I was responsible for in this pic

 tumbling gym

we are in the tree too

people make fun of me for being a nanny, but I'm over here like heyyyyy Lake Powell

Bryn and I channeling our Pan at the museum of natural curiosity

I'm here to teach the children important life how to tie a hair elastic

reading and hammocking and everything that is good in the world

our favorite step dad who pulls us around the neighborhood

True friends are there to go to the Scera with you when all you want to do is see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Had so much fun reliving the years of my Christ Episcopal musicals, and when I had the fattest crush on the boy playing Joseph.

when I thought my dreams were crushed by the rain BUT THEY WEREN'T BECAUSE ANY DREAM WILL DO!

one time these two walked me home just to be nice

With my cabin being for sale, I've felt a yearning to spend as much time at Sundance as I possibly can. Emilee and her babies agreed to come up and hike Stewart Falls one Saturday morning with me. 
Sundance has my whole heart.

 My cousin Michael is one of my favorite people. Sometimes I forget that he's not actually my first cousin because of how close we have gotten over the last little while. He really feels like family. He recently gave me the best compliment I have ever received. I dare anyone to try and top this.

 He also has been a huge supporter of my recent life decisions. Like when he texted me the day before and day of me dying my hair.

so he was the first person I went to show my hair to

Let me preface the whole pink hair thing before we get into this. A few months ago I was feeling really confident and excited about the changes I had been making in my life. At work one morning I was cleaning up the kitchen and the thought came to me "I want pink hair". I got weirdly excited about it and started telling some of my people. Dayna found a picture for me that was exactly what I wanted and I got SOOOOO excited. Then I chickened out of it. I'd then say to people "you know what I want to do? but then I would have to add "but I would never actually do it" before I finished. Well, jokes on me because here's what happened next.

About a month later my cousin Chloe was at my house swimming. She had just shaved the bottom part of her hair. I told her she was so brave and mentioned how I had wanted to dye my hair pink, but I got too scared. I showed her the picture of what I had wanted to do and then she was like "no you have to do it!" and I was like "wait yeah! I am totally doing this" then I made an appointment and was planning to dye my hair pink about a month later (I wanted to wait until after Lake Powell so it wouldn't fade). And here's what happened next...

first time ever dying my hair, and I bleached it oops

 The stylist Siara and I had a good laugh when my hair was like this. Sooooooo ugly

guys wuuuuuuut?

 If you would have told me earlier this year that I would be going through the temple and dying my hair pink this summer I would have never believed you. This year has been such a surprise in the best way possible. Dying my hair pink was more than just a silly thing I wanted to do. It's an outward reflection of the happiness and confidence that I have been feeling in my life. I love it.

I've started a series of snap chats that I send to my friends of my hair matching things. I'm not as funny as I think I am but humor me a little 

50 shades of pink

and I think this filter is the funniest

Kirk and I decided we wanted chocolate covered strawberries. He gets my heart because we listened to Celine in his truck to and from Smiths, and it was everything I needed in that moment. 

my pretty people in pink on pioneer day 

my wonderful friends came to hear me give my talk on Sunday

 Face timing Frankie as he was "scared" outside. I miss this weirdo

Michael tried to take pictures of my hair camouflaging into my sweater, but we ended up with a lot of weird pictures of my face instead.

hanging out with gramma Mags = going through pictures of my dad as a baby LOLOLOL

my drive home with Gram was the perfect ending to the best Sunday I've had in a long time. We listened to O Divine Redeemer (song sung at Gramps's funeral) and talked about death and the temple. I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to have the gospel in my life.

Went up to Park City with my cousins and Tyler. We think we are funny. 

So I had been back to the temple since I went through, but I hadn't done a session again until this last week. I was nervous to go back because the first time I went through everyone knew I was the new person. This time I didn't have that security. I had nothing to worry about though because there are so many people to help you. I was blessed enough to have my beautiful friends there to help me as well. There are few feelings greater than being in the temple with the people you love.

After the temple lil' miss and I ended up with the same weight on our yogurts. Check out the wall behind us to understand why that is so exciting. We may have sort of pretended to be lesbians to get the 1 free yogurt...but like not really. The girl at the register just let us have it because she's nice.

 Em comes up with the best adventures. She took me to pick wild flowers and berries on Thursday

We also mutually decided that we each are the only person the other would feel comfortable having as a sister wife. Truest determination of friendship.

 The people at these berry patches have you to weigh the berries and pay for them yourself. I love that people still have faith in humanity and trust you to pay an honest amount.  

Country roads mean Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack sing alongs, which lead to watching the Hannah Montana Movie when you get home and singing/dancing along to Rockstar and The Climb.

 happy extras:

-watching the Bachelorette with Adam/ listening to the Right Reasons podcast every week
-going on hour and half walks with Jane around Provo catching up on life
-watching Mary Poppins with the kids I nanny cause I'm practically perfect in every way jk lolol
-making chicken noises to try to keep Brigham awake in the car
-starting preparations for my road trip with Max next summer where we will hit up 48 states
-playing Jessica's Theme on the piano while Brig has his toy horses gallop along to the music
-doing aerials into the pool with Taytem partially living out my failed dream of being a 5'10" gymnast
-spending all afternoon with Maddy just chatting and loving on Ugly Heart
-mom showing me cow videos on youtube as she giggles
-feeling like a celeb when a girl's dad asked if she could meet me because she liked my pink hair
-hanging with a girl who was just like the four year old version of myself at Lake Powell and realizing how much I'm going to laugh when I'm a mom
-late night dance party with all the little kids and parents on top of the house boat
-"my heart is telling me that you're trying to be my friend. I can tell because people try to be nice when they want to be your friend." -what a little girl said to me on our Lake Powell trip right as my heart exploded
-Em at Chick Fil A drive in: "do you ever get sick of saying my pleasure?"
girl working (very coldly): "no"
-getting route 44 waters at sonic with Trent and chatting on the All State grass because Lanai's sprinklers had already gone off
-hanging with Britt in her classroom as she helped me write my talk
-Provo Yacht Club up the canyon for a much needed hour long dance release
-cruising Provo with Adam to This is How We Do it as I had flash backs 9th grade basketball warm ups
-spending my entire day off with Brittany going to her hair appointment and helping with wedding announcements just because I wanted to be with her.
-driving past Michael on his run and gabbing/squealing about exciting things through the window
-driving home from Powell and looking over to find a Toy Story photo montage to My Immortal playing on Brigham's ipad.
-dancing with Brynlee while Makenna set up a treasure hunt for us and realizing that nannying makes my heart so so happy

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