Wednesday, August 26, 2015

don't believe me just watch

 No, my dad doesn't own Magleby's. Yes, I feel really cool handing the cashier my debit card with my last name on it every time I eat here.

 ok Sundance, I get you
two nannies... watching a babysitting scary movie... in my cabin alone...

African love these guys...

I'd post our workout video, but I don't know how to do that on the blog LOLZ, so here's a snap shot of my new workout: squats with Max on my back while mom tries to figure out if she's taking a video or a picture.

 Sometimes when I go running I end up at condo row (almost every single time), which results in cousin dinners and bike rides around the neighborhood...

 and cousin hoedowns...

and then we go to my place and dye my hair because LOL why not?

and then we go on walks to Emilee's while waiting to rinse

I may have let Kirk have a little too much creative control because the next day my hair was this color. Good thing the girls I nanny for didn't care, and I still got to be the cowgirl in our fashion show.

 Solution to when I go up a level to Michael's apartment, but I miss hanging with both Jeppesen twins at once? I facetime with Kirk downstairs of course.

 It's complicated

 My parents called me to investigate at the cabin to see if there had been a break in. I made Michael come along as my body guard. This was taken after we checked the perimeter and right before we went inside where Michael yelled down into the great room to welcome the intruder to the cabin.

The three month anniversary of us discovering that we are 5th cousins. Happy day indeed.

Chivalry isn't dead. These gents walked me home again. You think this picture is crappy? You should see the three other attempts.

I feel like I am a very positive person, but one thing I will never be ok with...

pretty much the only way I can get a picture with both of my brothers

This loser is a winner!
reunited and it feels so gooooood

same caption as above^. I will forever adore Hannah Kroes

 I was able to attend my first sealing since Josephine's 5 years ago. My sweet cousin Roux was sealed to her family. I feel so blessed that I was able to be there, especially because we almost didn't make it in time. I love the gospel and feel so blessed to be able to attend the temple with my family.

family yard sales bring out the best in everyone 

demolition derby

People sometimes tell me I'm good with kids, and in my head I'm like "you have no idea". Thanks for the foot rub and the head massage Jayne.

and in case you took my last comment way too seriously, here is my failed attempt at double babying 

Frankie has liked me more recently. This has been a long time coming. 

 Cardon is going to Spain. I. AM. SO. JEALOUS.

 We spent some family time up at the cabin a few weekends ago. Here's a cute picture of mom and Vinny on the slopes. But how did I get this awesome shot?

riding the lift with my main chix that's how

We used uncle Hans's passes which meant we got to ride the lift a second time from the bottom and got off right by the cabin.

hikes 'n' Hansie

Guys Frankie chose to swing with me, and he thinks I'm funny. After months and months of indifference he wants to hang with me. COOL

 Sometimes Violet wants to hang with me too. It usually involves a bribe of some sort like buying her a pink donut from the Lehi bakery.

True friendship is facetiming and you both are trying to screenshot the same moment. When one fails, one succeeds. Thanks for the pic Kaile. 

 I love Jenichael. I'm their biggest fan. I love them even more when they take me to buy purple hair dye as we jam to One D (R.I.P.)
Kaitlin's wedding aka ultimate dance party. Everyone take notes because that is how every wedding should be.

 wedding clean up

I tried to take a snap chat to respond to Kaile at a stop light. Thought it was a cute one of us both, then I noticed Jayne's eye and couldn't stop laughing. Cutie.

Saturday and Frankie still liked me


I got my own mind. I do my own style in my own time.

Sometimes being a Magleby is aight

Kimball is home! Also, check out who I'm holding. Yeah, can't fight this. 

cutest mom

We won't say no

Went to campus with my babies. Weird feelings all around. I miss BYU

I'm trying to make a few major decisions in my life. It helps having awesome friends who support me, give me advice and go to the temple with me as I try to figure it out. I'm a broken record but I don't even care. I HAVE THE BEST PEOPLE. 

Hannah may win most supportive friend though because she made this and sent it to me last night. 

happy extras:

-Vinny leaving his video game to hug me
-Any time one of my nanny kids/nieces/nephews accidentally calls me mom. 
-Steve telling story of Vinny at the cabin: Someone to Vin: "Don't point that laser in people's eyes. It could make them go blind." Vinny: "don't worry I'm already color blind"
-Celine with Michael and Kirk every time we get in the car.
-Walking to the gas station with Maddy to get treats because YEAH we deserve them.
-Getting sushi with Adam and throwing it back with "Lean Like a Cholo" and "It's Tricky"
-Listening to the Food News podcast. I'm figuring out how I can become friends with Juliet and Jacoby
-Frankie to Steve as he tickles him: "Dop it! Dop it daddy! Dop it tooty bum bum"
-Adam describing dementors to gramma Mags as if they are real on the way to Sunday dinner
-Dancing with Kirk to whip my hair and having a legitimate neck injury the next day... or two...
-Babysitting Jayne when she wants to stay up later so she can brush my hair. I've got this one trained well.
-Insights from Jayne as we drive to Hannah Montana: "everyone DOES make mistakes" 
-My favorite guy from Velor showing up at our hard sale and getting too star struck to go talk to him.
-Riding bikes with Tyler and Kirk to get water and sonic. I need my own bike.
-Helping Britt with her classroom then pulling up to each other and chatting at every stoplight on the way home.
-Sushi and PLL with Maddy and Julia. Two things every girl should bond over.
-Trying to convince the girls I nanny for that I Believe I Can Fly is a great song and that we should listen to that on the radio instead of Fight Song.
-Staying after work to chat with Teresa about life. I love my job a whole lot.
-dinner and picking up Elysse from the rental car place as we jam to Empire State of Mind. I could get used to that jam...hehehe

-Michael changing the lyrics to Uptown Funk about going to the temple (we were on our way there) then deciding the real ones are actually my theme for this year. "Don't believe me just watch". If I am successful in making decisions in the near future I've got another big one coming your way. LOOK OUT WORLD