Wednesday, June 3, 2015

blades babies boulders bestfriends

There are like 400 pictures to go along with my life over the last few weeks, so sorry this post is ridiculous. I ran out of room in my journal and am too lazy to go buy a new one, so I've been using this more regularly to remember everything. You've been warned.

introducing to the blog Frankie and his man bun hahaha

"she has two people who used to be her boyfriends" -topic of discussion between Taytem and Jayne on the way home from dance.

 ran barefoot from my apartment to squeal with Em because she's going to NEW YORK!!

but maybe we celebrated too hard because...

Em and I wanted to go out of town for Memorial Day, but it ended up not working out. We still wanted to do something fun and adventurous, but were at a loss thinking of what we could do. Then one blessed evening we were sitting in the Lanai parking garage and Emilee goes "I know, you wouldn't want to do that". That sparked some weird sense of competition in me "try me" I said. "What if we walked from Provo to Alpine?" she said. 
and then we were making plans for our expedition across Utah County.

A few days later she suggested that we roller blade part of it. The conversation went something like this: 
Emilee: "what if we roller bladed part of it?"
Kate: "Can you roller blade? Cause I can't. Let's do it"
and then we were searching for roller blades

We did a mini test run on the rollerblades, hit up Smith's for some essentials
and then we roller bladed and walked for 7.5 hours...

This was one of the funnest days I've had. Emilee was the perfect person to go on an adventure like this with. I loved every second of it, even when the roller blades were cutting off the circulation in my feet and even though my hip was hurting before we even left my apartment.

face-timing my mom while we bladed

 face-timing Lauren while we walked in the rain

No side walk? No problem

So, my mom is the best. She came looking for us as we were walking up the last hill. She drove along side us the whole way home. She was also there to document our final moments. I had a strange burst of energy and started running/dancing to "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John. She's definitely responsible for getting us up that last stretch. My hip injury was in full flare, and I was ready to collapse. Yay for having the coolest mom on the block

the cutest picture there ever was

Gram can't deny that I'm her favorite

Whats the best thing you can do for your injured hip after walking/blading for 21 miles? Hiking/jumping off boulders, that's what.

I almost didn't come down, but I didn't want to miss out on my last road trip with Rachel before she moved to DC. So grateful I did.
Rachel Wade is one of the best girls I know. She is amazing at following through with what she feels is right. I am so impressed with her and the decisions that she has made in the time that I've known her. She has had to do hard things, but has done it with so much grace. Rachel is the best at making you feel like a rockstar. She has a way of uplifting the people around her, which I think is one of the best qualities that you can have. Everyone who spends time with her comes away a happier person.

Ding Canyon with my friends and my chipped tooth

Dang Canyon with my always camera ready self

because they won't post it and it's SO cute

family time

I'm just gonna say that someone should make a movie of the last year of my life. So many absurd/awkward/hilarious events and interactions. All that needs to be said.

 Don't tell us that our four square team = Olsen twins and expect us to take just one picture

representative of the majority of our pictures where we moved too much for Kirk to get a focused shot

location change

prop change

Lac Pac: friends who drink milk together, puke together

lunch, top down up the canyon and park sunning with some of my fave chix

Hansie's face says all

 May have had a baby panic attack when I went to check on my niece and couldn't find her in her room. Then I walked around the bed to find this. Cutie

 My cousin Mykah got married last week. Helping set up for the reception took me back to the glory days of helping Laur with wedding planning. I've got the party planning itch

Jack Pines opened for the Desert Noises farewell show last week. Blythe was in town (!!!!!) so we watched some people rock out hard at the show and then rocked out ourselves to Jude Law and Semester Abroad on the way home. 

Our girls drive to the lake turned into hiding from the disgusting swarms of bugs outside.
At least Natalie had Shazam to make sure we got every lyric to every song right.

My new calling at church is basically ward soccer mom. I bring the treats to church aka Creamies all around

 Dear Ryan, I'm sorry for lying to you and telling you that I'd be late to the FHE water fight, when in reality I was planning on ambushing everyone from the balcony.

Dear Vinny, I'm sorry for lying to you and telling you that I sent this to my ex boyfriend, like you asked me to, when in reality I sent it to my friends.

Lac Pac: to milk it for all it's worth

there are no words to accurately describe the experience of having a baby fall asleep on you

went swimming twice yesterday and wore more sunscreen than everyone else combined 

Driving home from softball games at 9:30 pm turned quickly into camping in the backyard of the Wakefield house, which quickly led to us buying hammocks off of Amazon.

 happy extras:
-Watching Bachelorette with the girls across the hall every Monday and loling at all the stupid things, but still loving it and watching it every week.
-Meeting Luke and Em's other nanny babies at the reservoir and winning him over to become his favorite of Emilee's friends. Sorry Bryce
-Helping Caitlin and Michael with their wedding announcements and having the best life chats with them after everyone left.
-Reading The Little Prince with Eric and Emilee taking turns reading each chapter "anything essential is invisible to the eyes"
-Guy pointing at my shirt at the Jack Pines concert without speaking, trying to get me to move my hair so he could see how Jack Pines was spelled for his hashtag.
-Crashing Celeste and Jane's pizza lunch while listening to Nessun Dorma
-Costco with Kristen and her mom and discovering that Kristen and MY mom have the same most commonly used phrase "Oh, Kate" followed by head shaking
-Painting grandpa Magleby's old studio with mom
-Food truck dinner with Em and Jesse and running into Roy and Alyssa before they moved to AZ.
-Feeling anxiety free 90% of the time. Seriously you guys what is that??? I feel so thankful for the past few months and the people who have been there for me along the way. I always feel like I'm supposed to talk about anxiety on here, and I always feel kinda weird about it, but I hope that this is helpful to anyone going through it. To anyone who is struggling with anxiety KEEP TRYING. I know that it sucks. I know that it is so so hard, but I promise you it can get better.

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