Wednesday, May 20, 2015

let me clear my throat

Life over the past few weeks has been hard, but really rewarding. It was the first time in a few months where my anxiety started to creep back into my life more consistently. It gave me an excuse to lay in my bed all day and ignore reality. Did that happen though? Nahhhhh here's the cool stuff I did instead of letting anxiety rule my life.

hockey in the rain!!!  I'm the really excited one in the pink shorts

The Jeppesens and I recently discovered that we are 5th cousins.

 I always wondered why my mom made this blanket so big. Now I know fit the whole fam!
Try to tell us that we don't look related.

bridal showers are really about the babies

the ten hour arm cramp was worth it

an eternity of DIS before your eyes lolzzzz

love sacs in pick up trucks + very genuine laughter = making Sean jealous

Sitting on Sean's bed, with his hats on + plus laughter = Sean being jealous

I've been joking (but like not really) with my friends that my new type of guy is single dad. I posted about it on twitter and got retweeted by a foundation for single dads lolololol

I mean I'm basically doing the mom thing anyway so why not make it official?

crappiest quality photo to go along with the best quality night
outdoor dinner with a view with Em at the Wakefield house

 Perk of being in my cool family, we got to go over to the LDS motion picture studio to see the murals for the new Provo temple last week. Get excited for the open house, because they are amazing

After we saw the paintings I randomly ended up spending three hours at gramma Mag's. We went through some boxes and found old photos. Here's gramps when he played for BYU football

I get paid to relive my childhood

we love sportz

Which cousin do you think likes hanging with me more? Kirk?

or Michael? 

Most darling performer at his preschool end of the year show. Imagine his cute little voice singing at the top of his lungs, while doing sign language, and you will understand why I cried from the cuteness.

Saturday was full of performances. Off to Taytem's dance recital

 airport pick up birthday celebrations

hide and seek

Jess's birthday

On Monday before work I went over to Britt's house to help her make cookie dough for Jess's birthday party. We had a really good talk. We went through her phone, and she sent me some old pictures from when I lived with her last year. She sent me this one, and I had to post it. There is something special about this group of girls. I feel different when I'm around them. Brittany and I were talking about it and realized that a group like this is really hard to come by. It is such a unique feeling that I get when I'm around them. They each radiate goodness and have a way of uplifting everyone around them. Every time I am with them I want to be better and have a desire to become the best version of myself. I majorly scored in the friend department

Happy extras:
- X-Men marathon with Emilee and comparing X-Men Days of Future Past to Twilight
-Breaking into apartments (which consisted of climbing through a bathroom window) in order to carry on our X-Men obsession
-My counselor ending our session today with "now go kick life's butt" 
-Max calling me when I'm out with my friends to ask me how to preheat the oven
-Changing the settings on my email so that I get notifications AKA knowing when Elizabeth is online on p-days so we can email back and forth
-Going over to the Davies' house and being lucky enough to get a Tami pep talk.
-Sushi date and Costco run with Allison. Guy working at Costco was from Africa and asked me if I watch the Bachelor. He then handed me the flowers that I was buying and said "will you accept dis rose?" He was also balancing a watermelon on his head. 
-Giving Emilee a thorough synopsis of Cats to which she responded "thank you for educating me"
-Testing out my medication for my hips by going on runs in the rain and discovering I don't hate running if it's in the rain
-Outlets with Hannah and still dreading the day that she moves away for a freaking year
-Full day with no anxiety at all. Kickin' this ish in the face
-Making a summer bucket list with Jayne that includes berry picking and flower crowns 
-Mom asking me about my new church calling "how did your little chat and chew go?"
-Trent telling Emilee and I that he enjoys hearing us talk to each other because we just get each other and speak the same language.
-BYU soccer game remembering the days when we would watch Steve play and now watching him coach
-Finding out Seth Cohen is going to be a dad

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