Monday, April 6, 2015

they had to survive, so they got weird

I have so much to be thankful for. I am in the best mood right now, and I need to document it. God loves us, and He has a plan for all of us. I'm so grateful for the one that He has for me. It is shaping me into a far better person than I could have ever become on my own.

 I occasionally screenshot instagrams that make me lol
I love being a "dance mom". Last week I did Taytem's hair and makeup for rehearsal for her ballet recital. I have so much fun when I get to take her to dance. We chat about the latest happenings in our lives and have serious discussions about One Direction and who likes who in her first grade class. I'm so grateful that I have a job where I get hugged before leaving for the day and get drawings saying I'm the best nanny ever. I feel like I get a tiny taste of motherhood each week, and it makes me really excited for the day when I'll get to have these kinds of experiences with my own children.

Last Wednesday I went to Les Miserables at Hale Center Theatre with Emilee, Rachel and Ellie. I had instant chills when the music came on. Whenever I go to musicals I'm reminded just how much I love musical theatre. My "Fiyerooooooo" playlist on Spotify (aka all my broadway jams) gets listened to significantly more than any other one I've made. I'm grateful my parents raised me on Andrew Lloyd Webber's Greatest Hits and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

 Emilee's friend Jon played Marius, and he was incredible. The whole show was so well done. We loved it almost as much as the old man on the front row in the Aida sweatshirt, who clapped the instant every song ended, did. We did belt the soundtrack the entire way home though, so you can be the judge of who loved it more.

 I love my mom. I was cleaning my room the other day, and she called me saying she was in the visitor parking lot at my apartment. She brought me a bag full of Easter presents and some new running shoes. I've been trying to budget for new shoes, and she knew that. Moms are the best. I'm really grateful that I had been cleaning my room, because it was SOOOOO messy an hour before she came. Also, my mom and I went to get our cars serviced together, and she ended up paying for mine. My parents have been very generous to me, especially lately, and I am so thankful for their kindness.

On Thursday some of the gang dyed eggs at Blue Condo

My teeth fit perfectly between Michael's bunny ears lolz

Sean's still trying to get with this. He made me an egg with my name on it.

tossing eggs across 700 north...

 This weekend for General Conference, Michael invited us up to his house in Idaho. It was a great mini vacation to get out of Provo for a few days. 

I have the greatest friends. I love that we can have fun and be weird, and then we can have really serious, spiritual conversations. On the ride up we learned about Seth's traumatizing experience working on a chicken farm, and then a little while later we were having a serious talk about dating and life. I have been blessed with some incredible friends in my life. In talking to some friends earlier today on the drive home, I was able to make a decision that I have been pondering and praying about. The gospel is so cool, and I love that the Lord answers prayers through other people in our lives. I have received many answers to prayers through my incredible friends lately. One friend said this today: "Have courage to make the right decision, even if it's hard" Stepping forward in faith can be scary, but I'm thankful for the blessings that come from trusting in the Lord. Good things are coming. 

Some of the greatest people around
 It was sort of windy this weekend. 

riding in the back of Kirk's truck

Tall Gurlz Club
5'7", 5'8", 5'9", 5'10", 5'11"
Last night after our Walmart run we played Game of Phones. I won best ringtone. 
A little sweat ain't ever hurt nobody 

 In between sessions today we went to the farm as a whole group. A few of us went yesterday, but everyone needed the full Sugar City experience. 

In this picture we are standing on top of a giant pile of potatoes that filled an entire room from floor to ceiling. We climbed up a ladder this time around (yesterday we climbed the pile) and Natalie may or may not have stepped on a dead mouse in the process of getting there.  I lost the picture that I took of the potato that was literally bigger than my head, but know that it was.
Luckily for all of you, I did get one of me with a potato gun

Got on the roof lolol

And hit up haunted houses

I am so thankful for the messages that were shared at General Conference this weekend. I felt so much peace and joy throughout the entire conference. I know that the leaders of the church are inspired, and that they are called of God. I sustain them and am so thankful for them. I love when General Conference falls on Easter Sunday. Over the past month or so I have deeply reflected on the Savior and His atoning sacrifice. I know that He died for us, and that through Him we are able to return to live with God again. Through Him I am able to find peace, and for that I am so thankful. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings so much joy to my life. I have been giddy tonight thinking about the gospel and what I have in store for me. God is so good.

 Ok some things I haven't documented in pics but are worth remembering (at least to me):
-Lil' Nugz football practice. I'm starting to sort of understand the game now
-Having the house to myself before work and belting songs/playing piano with no one around
-Making up a sign language with Max, so we can say inappropriate things to each other when mom is around.
-Getting dinner with Sean in the convertible listening to Get Low, and him stopping me from having fun by putting the windows back up.
-Life chats and a priesthood blessing from Sean. I'm so grateful for worthy friends who live their lives in a way that they can have the spirit with them.
-Laying on Lindsey's floor to avoid being a responsible adult who cleans her room
-Going to lunch with Allison
-Handstand contests and Easter Egg hunts in Idaho

 I will leave you with my new favorite picture. The Jeppesen twins everyone

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