Friday, April 24, 2015

when it gets loud, I turn it up

 an assortment of very low quality pictures from the last few weeks

My parents were gone over the kids' spring break, so I got to play mom and hang out with Max and Josie for the week. My siblings have gotten a lot funnier over the past year or so. It was fun trying to get them to stay up and hang out with me and battling them in dance offs in the kitchen. One morning Josephine and I turned on some Beyonce, and I made a little lyric change which became the theme for the week:

Who run the house? Kate

I left Max and Jo a few times throughout the week to go do some things in Provo. Obviously I'm not going to miss a chance to dress up in pleather leggings and a sequin jacket. I am convinced that no one looked good in the 80's. Cringed every time I saw my blue eye shadow in the mirror.

Missing one Six Chick

time after time

Had some one on one time with each kid. Max and I balled and Josie and I went and saw The Duff.

 There is one down side of the top knot, almost getting taken out while walking onto the intramural fields

recently discovered a shared talent

Em texted me saying she was getting off work early and wanted to come to Alpine. We drove up AF canyon in the perfect snow fall. We kept saying it looked like a postcard, but not just any postcard, a postcard from somewhere magical...

sending our love from Narnia

I don't remember goblins living in Narnia...

Josephine loved having us drive her to tennis. We know, because we made her tell us repeatedly that we were the best baby sitters she's ever had.

R.I.P. Lil Nuggz
For our last game we all wore animal shirts. Max offered one of his animal shirts for me to wear, but said "you might want to rip it so it fits" OK Max. I tried it on, and it fit, so suck it! His punishment for his comment was standing in the cold rain watching our game in sandals.

 Went straight from my rainy game to a bishop's interview. Had to strategize to get my outfit to work for both

We are never too old for grandma's Shark Bite stash

Love these losers. I was having a hard day while staying in Alpine. I sat next to Max on the couch and put my head on his lap and cried while he played with my hair. Sometimes you just need to snuggle. Max is good for that.

 cheated our way through mini croquet

 When you have enough tickets (from killing it at Deal or No Deal) for one thing of astronaut ice cream, but you are a little bit flirty and the guy working gives you one for free.

Sushi date with Hannah

My friends missed having me in Provo so much that they came to my house two days in a row to play dodgeball. 

 Only pic from taking the kids to the Provo Rec Center to swim HA

dinner picnic at the park

Seanie turned 25. No better way to celebrate than wiffle ball and ice cream cake

 family group texts are the highlight of my day

Steve called me asking if I could go pick Vinny up from preschool. It was the happiest surprise. We came back to my apartment and walked over to the market to get a treat. He told me I can be his girlfriend forever. Never grow up plz.

doubles four square

 Sean's Hoes (clearly I didn't name our team)

I like to look at Emilee's twitter sometimes. I came across these tweets about my shirt and took this screen shot to send to her. She then put her profile on private... so I got a twitter just so I could keep reading her tweets.

 I am convinced that I have better friends than anyone around

Mike got his tonsils out earlier this week. I flew out to Michigan to help with the girls/meet baby Grace. I am already obsessed. Also our celebrity name is killer #Grate

Took every opportunity I could to snuggle Gracie like this (heart eye emoji x 1000)

when you're sleeping in the same room as your ex's art work lolz

morning snugs 

When the repair guys come just as you are getting in the shower, and you have to get out and wait naked in the next room quietly, praying that they won't come in.

Play group in the park. Pushed Vi and her little friends on the swings as they would run into me and giggle uncontrollably. 2 year old giggles <3>

peein' in the park

sometimes I wish rent-a-baby could be a reality

cause then this could happen all the tiiiiiiime

 On Saturday Mike and Lauren showed me Detroit. We went to the Heidelberg Project and met Tyrone Guyton who started it with his grandfather.



What are you gonna do with your life? I'm gonna get what I want.

Me with the queen of Dubsmash

Singin' a lil Love On Top to my bb

I miss waking up to this chick every day. Each morning we had about an hour to ourselves in our room. We sang, made funny videos, read and snuggled. I miss our chats eating breakfast when out of nowhere she'd go "you're pretty Kate". I miss walking into the store and her saying "Wanna go home and watch Belle?!? Popcorn and blankets!" I miss her saying "I'm gonna be sad when you're gonna leave me". I miss hiding in her parent's closet and giggling while she put on her mom's shoes. At least when I miss her I can watch her Dubsmashes on repeat and laugh to myself in public.

Got back to UT and avoided doing Calle orders by helping Emilee move out of our apartment

I had to say goodbye to the beautiful mermaid Abby Evans. Why do people have to leave???

Geocaching first timer

Apparently I look old enough to have a six year old. The lady working at the UPS store asked Brynlee if she was having fun helping her mom run errands. WUT?

No pix but still happy times:
Changing the lyrics of the Ruthie Pigface Draper song with mom to sing about people we know (not as mean as it sounds) we we we we we we we 
Driving around Ann Arbor obsessing over the houses
Campfire with Lauren and Mike and all their grad school friends
Last night as roomies sleepover with Em
Getting a facebook message from a kid from high school asking me if I was interested in modeling, then laughing uncontrollably for the next 30 minutes.
Picnic at the elementary school with the Wood girls
Kaile and Em driving out to Alpine to see me at work
Art City Trolley with Jesse and Em sandwiched between some dates and analyzing them
Facebook reminding me of my past activity and LOLING at my stupid posts about my missionary