Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh, there goes gravity

 So my magical trip had to end, and jet lag is so real, but I am happy to be back with my people.

The day after I got home Em spilled her Sodalicious, and it was the best thing that could have happened to us that day. Bryce and I went with her to get a new one, and it turned into a windows down HSM sing along (one Troy, two Gabriellas)

That afternoon we watched a movie at Ellie's then went to Five Guys with Alyanna. Yeah, I didn't jump back into my healthy eating right away SORRRRRRY.

First Puppy Barn experience. We couldn't stop giggling looking at this puppy.

 Provo Yacht Club

Max is a teacher now. I love this lil guy so much.

 The night that I left for Spain my mom and I were killing time before we had to go to the airport. We watched embarrassing home movies, and I played my old Christ Episcopal songs on the recorder. Then I tried playing Nessun Dorma, mom's favorite song. She told me I can play it at her funeral lolol. I found this in my purse when I got back to my apartment.

Reunited with this cute boy

Guys, ew. I started running again. 

To make my run less horrible I stopped by to see my fave kids

 I decided to take them on a bike ride before finishing my run (bleh). Jayne really wanted a snack first hahahahaha

First official pool day at work on Friday. Forgot my swimsuit, yet I still managed to get burned

 I have felt and overwhelming amount of love from everyone around me lately. I have the best people in my life and feel so much support in what I'm doing. My aunt Jody sent me some articles that she thought I would like and my uncle Jimmy handed me another one at Sunday dinner last week.

 My beautiful Elysse turned 24 on Friday. Harry threw her a surprise party.

 I love my former roommates (Harry included) so much

Went running again you guys, and I still hate it just as much. I think my route will always include stopping at Steve's

Wakefield house is for sale

On Saturday I went up to the Wilk to watch the General Women's broadcast with my old ward. Emilee and Brooke came too, and it was the happiest. President Eyring's talk was exactly what I needed, and then the choir closed singing Our Savior's Love. I've mentioned on here before that I feel like that song is Heavenly Father's way of telling me that He loves me and is looking out for me. I felt so much love and peace in that moment. 

My visiting teachers left the perfect message with me last week. It was about not only enduring but enjoying life. I've learned lately the importance of not giving up on things, especially the things that will bring us the most happiness. Life is hard, and there will always be challenges thrown at us. Working through these challenges is what strengthens us and helps us to become more like the Savior.

After the broadcast we met up with these beauts and watched a movie.

Don't ask us how many times we attempted the self timer pics (or how many times Rachel blocked my face running into the picture)

 I have a lot of decisions to make right now. Our combined 3rd hour for church yesterday was about decision making and trusting in the Lord. God is very involved in the details of our lives. Also, side note: Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. I have had prayers from months ago answered recently, and it has been in ways that I never would have imagined or necessarily wanted. Everything happens in the Lord's timing, and sometimes it's sort of hilarious.

Sundays are my favorite days. The rides to and from Sunday dinner alone make my week. My cousins/gram are hilarious. Somehow the discussion yesterday turned to my gram being part of the mafia, which resulted in her saying "just loadin' up"

scooters and selfies

After we tried taking artsy pictures on the wall, and before we took hideous pictures on the roof. 

My friends are fun. I got to be partners with Seanie in four square last night. We obviously killed it.

And because it wouldn't be one of my recent blog posts if I didn't talk directly about anxiety... LOLOL!!

But really, on a serious note, I came across this scripture last night where I had written in anxiety. I am so grateful for the trial that I have been given. It totally sucks at times and has been the cause of a lot of hardship in my life, but I wouldn't trade the experiences that I have had in working through it for anything. I have never felt the love of my Savior more than I have while working through this.

Sorry my blog posts have gotten really serious lately. I have just felt very strongly that I need to share my personal experiences and what I am learning through them. It may just be for me so that I can write out what I'm feeling, but I hope that I am able to help others who may be struggling as well.

Things not documented through pictures: 
Dinner with Brittany
Trivia Night
Opening my door to find my neighbor fainting/bleeding and taking her to urgent care
Getting gum out of my shorts: laundry victory
Flag football game
Catching up on The Voice and obsessing over Sawyer and Noelle's battle
Drives with Michael/Emilee when I'm restless and can't sit still
Visiting McKay, Sean, and Reuben and getting advice from all of them on life. I have the best people.
Tagging along with Sean and Seth when they go out to eat
Hardly any March Madness
Chats with Em in her bed
Re-reading Ella Enchanted for the 100th time 

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