Monday, March 9, 2015

life since December LOL WOOPS

Not having a computer makes it difficult to post on a blog. Here's some stuff that has happened:

BYU basketball game with the beautiful Kristen Owens

sleepover with ma gurlz

Provo Rec Center

Family outing to the Tree of Life. I'd love to say it was great family bonding but really every baby was crying and everyone older than 12 was over it.
We spent Christmas up at the cabin this year. I spent the majority of my time snuggling.


24 and still killin' it at the kids table

 Hey Hans, point to your favorite aunt.

 Jayne gave us all wrapped pictures

 Babies + Christmas


We made our way down to Provo to say hey to Gram

the best lil ladies

Scheels first timers

The only way to get pics of dad

 One of the best ladies I know right here. Britt's birthday was on New Years Eve so we celebrated extra hard that night with dancing, games and singing.

Sean is all about the double date. The kind that involves him on a date with two girls at once that is. 

This was right after he tried to kiss me.

Can you tell I like my babies?

My cousin Sarah (middle) is married to Greg. Greg is in a band called Jack Pines. Brooke and I have been to a couple of their shows and have loved it. Look them up! They are awesome.

 Idp angst

Sometimes I sneak over to my old ward for activities. 

Accidental twins (insert emoji with the girls kicking their legs)
Mags slumber party

My sweet cousin Alex passed away recently from a brain anuerysm. He was always a kind, gentle, caring cousin to me. He was only about 4 months older than me. It's so weird to think he is gone. He was such a funny guy. We have a group of cousins who are all a few years apart. Growing up we all would play together, and I remember looking forward to any chance I got to spend time with them. It's still so much fun when all of us get together. It's always a great time filled with laughing and teasing. I'm going to miss having Alex as a part of that.

Mitch, Alex and Jonah at Alex's wedding

 As tragic and horrible as this has been, it has brought our family so much closer together. We drove down to New Mexico the night before the funeral and sat around my cousins' house as a family. We shared stories of Alex and just enjoyed spending time together. I don't remember the last time we all were in the same room together just talking. I had missed those times.

I get to spend two days a week with this sweet, crazy boy. Every time I walk out the front door at work I thank Heavenly Father for blessing me with my job. I love it so much and am so grateful for it.

Angel baby

top down in February

Superbowl snugs

One day Dayna needed me to take Jayne to dance. The boys and I had time to kill, so I took them to the McDonald's play place. I felt like such a mom helping the boys and having Frankie apologize to the little girl he hit (ooops). 

Yes, Vinny's nails are painted. The girls were painting nails at the superbowl and he felt left out. He wanted blue like a dinosaur.

How I feel about the word bae

Followed my treasure map to the grand prize: fruit snacks

Emilee Crowder is the best roommate and friend a girl could ask for. She is SO loving and kind. She has been there for me through so many different challenges over the past few years, and I am so thankful for her. This post has started getting really sappy sorrrrrry.

Switching tones here now. Boooooo dodgeball against scary girls

Crap, getting sentimental again. I LOVE this girl so much. A few weeks ago we caught up at Guru's. I love those sweet potato fries almost as much as I love this lady. 

When your nephew/boyfriend asks to sleep with the present you gave him for his birthday. BOOM 

Jayne came with me to Taytem's ice skating birthday party. 

Trying to FaceTime Max on his birthday from California

 Last week Em and I drove out to Utah lake for a little get away.

We failed a little with the self timer

so we opted for the snap chat selfie instead

Most of the time I think it's good that I really don't care if people think I'm weird or not.
Last Tuesday though, it was probably not in my best interest to go out in only a tall tee, converse and a beanie.

There were so many struggles getting this bed in and out of Emilee's room

Celebratory dinner the night before Javier became a US citizen (post intramural bball slaughter). We taught him the Pledge of Allegiance, did some US trivia and blasted God Bless the USA on the car ride home.

Got to be there when this guy became a citizen on Friday. I got so emotional during the ceremony. It was so cool to hear where all of the candidates had come from. I wanted to know all of their stories. Some of the people got up and said a few words about how they felt about being citizens, and I felt so much happiness and love for all of them. After all of the candidates were sworn in they played a little video montage with God Bless the U.S.A. as the background song. I started crying thinking about how blessed I am to live in and be a citizen of this country. I'm so happy for Javier and that after 15 years living in the US that he is finally a citizen. It was a special day that I will never forget.

Babysat last Saturday afternoon and got to enjoy this fancy tea party with Jaynie Girl

Sunday dinner yesterday celebrating Dayna's birthday

 FaceTime with Violet this morning. So many giggles. Love this girl

Not documented:
Intramural bball
Intramural flag football
Hilarious Sunday drives with my cousins and Gram out to Alpine
Sleepover with Gram and Sophie
Basketball with Max (pleasantly surprised to find out my siblings didn't have school when I got to Alpine this morning)
Other stuff that I'm too lazy to think of 

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