Monday, March 23, 2015


Lately I've learned something. People aren't always who you think they are. That sounds dramatic like some person offended me, or that someone I loved turned out to be a jerk. It actually has nothing to do with anyone else. The person I noticed this about was myself.

Last week I did something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. I went to Barcelona, Spain without knowing the language, where I was going to stay every night, or if I would even get there (I was on standby for every flight). Not going to lie I was really nervous to go. The old Kate would have found some excuse not to go. Fear used to take over my life. Not anymore snitches!! I went to Spain, and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I grew so much in those four days there. I am so much more confident in myself and the things that I have in store for me.  I'm not who I thought I was, and I'm feeling pretty dang good about that.

Let me rewind a bit and explain how this trip came about. On Tuesday March 10th I texted Susie asking her how many buddy passes for Delta she had left. She told me, and then said she had work off and wanted to go on a trip the following week. She asked if I wanted to go somewhere with her. I got work off, and on Thursday we decided we were most likely going to Spain. On Saturday night I was on a redeye to JFK. WHAT?? It's crazy how this trip came out of nowhere, but it was the perfect thing for me. It's interesting to see the different ways that the Lord answers our prayers. I was looking to find more confidence in myself and the progress that I am making, and I found it on the other side of the world.


Had a 12 hour layover at JFK. Luckily Susie was with me for most of it.

The best perk of the buddy pass is getting upgraded to business class to and from Barcelona.

 Some shrimp and a movie before...

sleeping in my seat that turned into a freaking bed!

For how little sleep I was running on I had so much energy when we got to Barcelona. Our flight got in at 7:00 am, so we had the entire day to explore. We saw the most things our first day there. 

I need to personally thank google maps and t-mobile for making all of this happen. I found out when I got to Spain that my phone worked for texting and data. 

Google maps is the best, true that, DOUBLE TRUE

Las Ramblas

It took me less than an hour in the city to get kissed.

Accidentally came upon this as we were walking to Sagrada Familia

So we did our thing   
Sagrada Familia. Coming back when it's finished if anyone wants to join.

 Casa Batllo was my favorite part of the trip. It's so cool to go to places that I studied about in college. The whole house was a dream.

We had a little audio tour that told us about each room. 

 Warning: So many selfies were taken on this trip

Luckily for us we had Susie's selfie stick to take most of them

lil tourist

You can get your picture taken in the top window of Casa Batllo ha

 I was completely unaware of the 6 men photo bombing me until they busted up laughing.

Our second day in Spain wasn't quite as eventful as the first. We switched hotels which took a while, but we figured out the public transportation, which we used for the rest of the week.

Ps. can I just toot my own horn for a second? It's my blog I do what I want. I was so proud of myself for how much Spanish I actually understood on this trip. Let me get humble again. Can I speak it back? yeahhhh not so much

Being an idiot in front of a pretty church

I think I was the only person wearing sandals in Barcelona

 Took a break from my healthy eating for the week

 CupKates building lolol it looks like muffin tin. I need a new blog name. I gave up the pastry school thing a long time ago.

We asked the guy working at Hospital de Sant Pau to take a picture for us. He cut off the prettiest part of the building haha, but at least he tried. 

We busted out the selfie stick after he walked away

Sagrada Familia was down the street from the last two hotels we stayed at. Pretty amazing to be able to see it every day we were in Barcelona.

We woke up early on day three to make it over to Park Guell before it got too crowded.

Guys, go to Barcelona

Casa Mila before some cute girls asked us to help them with their class project.

 Even the sidewalk and benches are pretty there

La Boqueria


 We toured Hospital de Sant Pau on Wednesday, because we got there too late on Tuesday. Luckily it was down the street from where we were staying. 

Susie got on my case for only smiling in pictures

 The tour group behind us hated us for all the pictures we were taking. Adios.
 Not pictured: the yummy tapas we got for dinner and the rain in Spain

On our last day we toured where FC Barcelona plays. Photo bombers loved me in this city.

Where international soccer stars showered the night before

His hips don't lie (for those who didn't get my stupid joke, this is Shakira's baby daddy)


 Splurged on some pretty votives at this shop.

 I'll leave you with my favorite picture of the trip. This is a screenshot of a video of me running away from a greasy pigeon attack after I tried tying my shoe.

K, bye!

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  1. you failed to mention you toured camp nou!! jealous.