Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ho Ho Ho lotta fun

Starting off this post with the happiest news. Hans Lawrence Magleby has made his way into the world, and I'm pretty obsessed.

Vinn comes to BYU games sometimes. I get a little distracted staring at this cute face.

Brooke and I decided to become groupies of our cousin-in-law Greg's band. Check out Jack Pines! They are awesome. After their show last month we had a little date at Guru's with way too many sweet potato fries and the perfect amount of cousin love. 

Emilee and I swore we were done throwing parties after the Halloween one. Good thing we changed our minds because the Thanksgiving party we helped throw was a blast. 

Cute Chloe stole the show as Brooke Windham in Legally Blonde. You cant even tell she's had work done

One of my favorite things about working close to home is that I get to pop by whenever I want. Sometimes that means I get roped into helping carpool, but I love it. Whenever I drive Max he is forced to dance and listen to my favorite jams (He didn't know what *Nsync was!) This is us at his orthodontist appointment. He had me laughing so hard. When did he get funny? 

It was much too cold to be at a football game, but sitting by home girl made it much more enjoyable.

Baby friend came back to town! 

 Emilee was asked to babysit one night. Little did they know they would end up with three of us.

Prom was great

Three person idp's are my favorite. Thanks go out to Kaile for capturing this moment of pure joy.

Katelet has reunited for the holidays, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Friends love basketball (and Fischer)

 Too many pictures coming your way

 2nd annual Disneyland trip went down the weekend of Thankgiving. Dayna and the two youngest kiddos stayed home, so it was just me, Steve, Jayne and Vinny. Steve coached in some tournaments in the San Diego area while I played with the kids, then we all hit up Disneyland and California Adventure the next week. 

Soccer games

 Kate: I spy something green
Vinny: The dirt! The dirt!!

Have I mentioned he's color blind?

We told Vinny that his play telescope was brown, not green like he said. Later I asked him what color it was and he said "brown, but I'm still color blind cause it's kinda green" haaaaaaaa

My kids, or so everyone thought. 

Steve's last weekend as a potential Jesus model

We went to the beach one evening. We didn't realize it was a beach where everyone brings their dogs. If you know Jayne, you know that she is terrified of dogs. This picture is her running from the water coming in just as she realizes there's a dog on shore hahaha. Vinny is running away from the dog.

This picture was taken right before the ticket lady called Steve my husband. Woof.

Dayna wasn't around, so the picture taking struggled. The majority of our Disneyland pictures are selfies. Sorrrrrrrrrrrry

The teacup ride was a rude awakening. I'm getting old.

This is when the princesses came on stage. Disneyland + five year old girl = magic

So many selfies, so little time.

We even got some action selfies in there

I had strict instructions to hold onto him with two hands the entire ride. 

Day 2: Pouring rain

Poor Jayne had a rough start in the rain in her "nacho"

It's a great feeling having Jayne and Vinny fight over who gets to sit by me on rides and sleep in my bed with me. 

Steve still hasn't sent me the picture where you can see all three of us. Blame him.

Vinny hahaha

 We took refuge from the storm at an Aladdin musical. 

I couldn't bribe anyone to ride this with me, so I went alone. It was my first time ever. I made friends with some Utah people in line, and their teenage daughter and I laughed in terror together. We are in the back on the left hahaha

Boyfriend went on it before me. He wanted a t-shirt and was so proud of himself. Cutest.

Came back, showered and snuggled my boyfriend. Perfect ending to a happy trip.

Came back into town just in time to become an INTRAMURAL CHAMPION!!!

And I've got the selfie to prove it!

Back in town means getting back to work

I love my job. I also love bringing my babies with me. The combination of Violet and Brigham is quite possibly my new favorite. So many giggles.

Work snugs are the best snugs

BYU vs Utah with these favorites of mine

Abby Evans will forever be flawless

That time I wore a swimsuit to a party in December

Provo Bakery with Vinny and Vi

Ashley came into town!

Romantic carriage ride lolz

Elysse asked for a One Direction poster

 Cardon played a lively Santa at our family Christmas party. As the oldest single cousin I still get a present from Santa. I took full advantage of that

Vinny may have some competition

Sometimes I go to parties in sweatpants

 Last night I met up with the babies at Provo Beach Resort. Vinny did a pose every time he came around the carousel. 

Planning our next sleepover 

This will probably be my last post of 2014 because I'm lazy. Heyyyyyyyyyy 2015

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