Monday, November 3, 2014

Totally Circus

The usual picture dump blog post. 

Fiddler on the Roof up at Sundance. He looks so teenagery. 

Megan got married!

Jo has been all about photo shoots lately.

So far this semester I've been on 4 intramural teams. Flag football has been the most violent

Aint no cuter babies than the Mags babies

but the Mags adults need some help...

Cute Vinny moments lately: 
I asked Jayne to add me to the picture of the dinosaur she was drawing. Then Vinny chimed in. 
V: Jayne I wanna be by Kate in the picture
J: No Vinny! I can draw what I want to draw 
V: But Jayne! I want to be by Kate cause she's my girlfriend, and I want to be by her!

At Sunday dinner Justin came up to me and asked me how old I was (my birthday was the day before). I told him I was 24 and he asked my why I'm not married yet. Later on he came up to me again while I was sitting by Vinny on the couch. 
Justin: Why aren't you married? Do you have a boyfriend?
Kate: (without thinking) No
Vinny: I'm your boyfriend!

How could I forget my cute little boyfriend? I love that guy.

I live with this cute thang now. I walked out of babysitting one day to find her outside waiting for me on her lunch break. 

I thought this was hilarious until it committed suicide by jumping off my moving car!

cousins 'n' camping

Got in as much Elizabeth time as I could before she left. C'mon Couuuuuuuugars!

This cute old lady started talking to me in the grocery store one day. 30 minutes later we were in the same place. I had to try so hard not to laugh as Emilee took this picture. 

Josephine decided she would rather go hang out with boys than go to the Elton John concert with me. Kids these days... It actually was probably a good thing because she doesn't know any of his songs. I took Elizabeth instead. We danced harder and sang louder than any of the drunk middle aged men around us. Toward the end he played 5 of my favorite songs in a row starting with The B*&%h is back (my guilty pleasure) and ending with Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. I lost it. One of the best nights I've had in a long time. 

First concert t-shirt purchase

The morning after the concert Holly and Jimmy got married! 

That meant I got to see these babes

NPS warehouse. Hey boyzzz

Birthday month began with going out to lunch with this cute thing WHO IS BACK IN AMERICA

My cute friends threw me a surprise party a few days before my birthday. 

Starting 24 out right

General Women's Meeting with the roommates (missing Miryelle)


 Jayne called me a grown up the other day. I did get a Netflix account and a Costco membership recently, so I guess she's right. 

Conference snugs

Jayne loves snapchat

Took the babies to the tumbling gym and lunch while Steve and Dayna painted their kitchen. If anyone wants to laugh ask me to see Frankie on the trampoline in slow motion.

BYU football with Max

Perfect depiction of everyone. Mom's the cutie. Dad forces a smile. Steve is over it and Max is...uh...

We threw a party that none of us really wanted to go to at the cabin. I wore leggings and a work out jacket and sometimes went to lay on the bed when no one was looking. I did also go down and dance. I'm not a total loser. It was another movie party where you had to dress up as something from either Toy Story, X Men, Lion King or Alice in Wonderland. 

Lion, Slinky Dog, The Claw, and a zebra

My biggest fans

Elizabeth has been gone for almost a month. I miss her so much. She gets me better than anyone and makes me laugh harder than anyone. When we finally became friends we clicked instantly. Gosh, I just love this lady. Her emails are now the highlight of my week. #waitingforamissionary maybe this time around it will work out ;) 

had to bust out our twin shirts on our last night together


In awe that I'm still with you all after working for mom the other day

Went to Revenge of the Nerds idp. That would be my safety pinned Christ Episcopal uniform from 6th grade.

Grandma Porter helped me make my costume this year. She sewed this red dress faster than I cut out the little felt seeds to go on it. She's a pro. 

Went trick or treating with the Mags kids before heading to Halloween parties in Provo. 

best picture of the bunch...

Snugs after my cousin Josie's baptism on Saturday

Ignore Tyler. Carson, Sean and I are famous (left side)! Sorry you didn't make the cut Eric

Sundays are my favorite days. That's mostly because I get to hang with my favorite people.


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  1. I really love you! So mad I missed that game! :( You are beautiful. that is all.