Thursday, October 30, 2014

Look there's the president

I was lucky enough to spend a magical weekend back home earlier this month. It was perfect. I may have cried when I got on the plane to come back to Utah. 

Kaile had to go to school on Friday so I took the metro (like an adult) to DC for the day. I changed lines and didn't get lost. Be proud of me. I started out the day at the Museum of Natural History. I wanted to go there really badly for some reason. I hadn't been there since I was like 12. It brought back so many field trip memories. I highly recommend going to museums by yourself. You can move at whatever speed you want and you can choose where you go first. 

I wanted to document my trip alone to the city, but I felt embarrassed taking pictures of myself, so I took a selfie with the umbrella blocking me from the gazes of onlookers. Also, sorry for stealing your umbrella Kaile.

I met up with my pal Tall Sean for lunch at Good Stuff Eatery before going to the Holocaust museum. After DC I took full advantage of the Knell's edited movies and watched Argo while Kaile did homework. Blythe came to Kaile's, and we all went to Paul Sabin's wedding reception. It was great seeing people I grew up with and seeing Paul so happy.

The next day we went to Homestead Farm. Hadn't been there since like 1999. It was the perfect fall day. We got caramel apples and explored the farm. I love my friends. 

emoji with the heart eyes

I forgot how to smile

Pretty friends

Ruthie Pigface Draper
 Lipstick and caramel apples aren't the best combo

 I had some very specific requests for my trip home. I needed to take this picture

and I needed to climb on this wall at the church

Markoff's Haunted Forest. Happiest terror of my life.

 On Sunday we went to church then went to DC

Chelsea requested a selfie with the Lincoln memorial.

The only picture I got without Lincoln's head cut off was this hahaha

The happiest thing happened after DC. We visited my childhood school Christ Episcopal. I wish so badly I could have gone inside, but being outside still made me beyond giddy. I don't know what came over me, but I was SOOOO excited. I couldn't take a normal smiling picture, because I was out of control happy. Some of my happiest memories are from my times at CES. 

Here's the pit. This is where a stick got stuck in my leg playing football with the boys the day Max was born. 

I miss my friends and wish they could text stupid boys back for me all the time. I didn't send it.

 And of course there had to be a drive by of 13017 with the not as cute front door.

I wish I could replay this weekend over and over. It was the perfect amount of friends, fall and Stars Hollow.

ps. sorry this post sounds like robot wrote it. Just gotta get this thing updated