Monday, August 18, 2014

K11 minus Kate

Figured I could blog with the pictures left behind by my shattered phone. I hate how clumsy I am. I dropped my phone while walking into the dentist. It was the one day I had forgotten to put my case on. Still mad. If you have an iphone you can text me That's the stupid gmail I made last week when I tried to make an apple ID 3 times. It was a typo. 1999 was not a significant year in my life nor is the number 99 my favorite number. It was supposed to be 90

Brittany had to help her mom with a wedding one Saturday, so I decided to tag along. We were put in charge of bringing the balloons. One small problem... Brittany drives a bug, and we had to fit a lot of balloons in her car. Made for quite the adventure. 

Sometimes the only way to get pictures is to take screen shots instagrams. Elizabeth is pro when it comes to idp mixes. Her 90's playlist didn't disappoint.

Awkward selfie with my fabric. I am making two skirts with grandma Porter. They have been put on pause, but I'm excited to get working on them again. 

Josie decided she's not too cool for me anymore, or at least she did for a weekend. We had a sister sleepover at my apartment. We went to Slab and Sodalicious in the convertible and watched Clueless "because we both know what it's like to have people be jealous of us" Had to put quotations around that in case people actually thought I was being serious. As if!

Homemade ice cream at Sunday dinner. It was a blessed day

Before Kaile left we had a mini wheels crew. I tried to find someone to borrow a bike from, but couldn't find anyone. I ended up riding a razor scooter while Ellie rollerbladed and Kaile rode a bike. 

Kaile is now in Maryland. WORST. Before she left we went to breakfast at Magleby's (duh) and cruised to Alpine listening to STYX and Celine. It was magical. The next day I drove her to the airport and cried driving home. 

FINALLY cut my hair

Remember how I said my sewing projects were put on hold? This is why. I've been having some health issues lately. Been to the doctor and have been trying to figure it out. One night, however, I was experiencing extreme pain. I had experienced it before, but it usually went away after 15 minutes or so. This time it wouldn't go away. It was the worst pain I have ever been in. My roommates are the best and called my friends to come give me a blessing and took me to the hospital. 

I was a little delirious (and drugged) and took some hideous pictures of myself. I now find them hilarious and thought I'd share the laughs. My makeup was everywhere from crying, and I forgot to take out my retainer before leaving the apartment. In my defense, I thought I was dying.

 My friends are the greatest

For some reason I thought it was funny that I was throwing up in Brittany's car. I was on some heavy pain meds, so that's why I thought it was funny to take a picture like this. hahahahahahaa 

I've gone in for some more testing. Hopefully it will all get figured out. I HATE needles and have been poked by them a lot lately. I am trying to get over it, so I guess this has been good for me. This picture didn't make me pass out too which is cool. Progress!

Ok, enough of that crap. Here's a happy picture from our ward boating trip

And a hilarious one of us tubing

Later that night we went to LaVell Edwards Stadium to watch Remember the Titans on the field.

One day Abby asked me if I wanted to go to international cinema with her. We went to go see Barfi, a Hindi film. When we got there the movie was already going, or so we thought. We were so confused with what was going on.

We then checked the schedule and realized we were really early for Barfi and the movie we were watching was actually the end of The Tree of Life. Notice the time of the screen shot haha.

We had some time to kill, so we went to Abby's work and got free icecream.

Packed it up and took it with us to Barfi. Ignore my face. I was focusing on getting the ice cream in the picture rather than what my face was doing. Barfi was adorable. I cried. I cry in pretty much every movie though.

Roommates take on Hokulia before FHE

It was the best reunion. SO glad to have her back. 

With that said, Emilee's sister Alicia got married last week. We threw her a shower the week before. I suck and didn't get any pictures, except for this one of the lemonade that we thought was hilarious (see Emilee's face).  It was basically opaque, but it promise it tasted like normal lemonade.

So, this week was really sad. I moved out of my apartment at Condo Row. I've been there for 3 years and have had so many amazing experiences there. I have met people who have changed my life. I was supposed to go on a study abroad 3 years ago and didn't feel right about it. I have no doubt in my mind that it was because I was supposed to be in my ward here, and I was supposed to meet all the people that I have met while living here. I can't imagine what the past three years would have been like if I hadn't have lived here. These were some of the best years of my life. 

I took a few pictures of my room before leaving. I forgot to move my weights before taking the picture. They weren't normally there. I promise I wasn't trying to be like "oh hey I work out". The Classy Hottie Wall, however, was always there. My cousin Brooke got those for me when we were roommates two years ago. (SHE GOT HOME FROM HER MISSION ON SATURDAY btw)

I'm going to miss living with this one.

 My board usually consisted of pictures from Jayne with some random notes from friends thrown in. The nut family perfectly divided the room.  btw my room was never this organized

 Kristen moved out before the rest of us. On her last night we slept out in the living room (well, I tried. I wasn't comfortable, so I moved to my bed after everyone was asleep) and danced our hearts out to the Beyonce Idp. I'm going to miss living with these girls. It's been such a great dynamic. We all get along so well and have the best talks. Gonna miss it a lot. 

 Peace Out Kensington 11. I'll miss ya!

 Things not documented in pictures that I can think of off the top of my head:
Giving me first talk in Sacrament meeting in 5 years (obviously not documented)
Game night at Elizabeth's
Sleep over at Elizabeth's in my tall tee
Roommate dance parties/cleaning parties
Max's soccer
Family trip to my cabin last weekend: Cascade Springs, Fiddler on the Roof, games, babies etc.


  1. I miss you!! Also I <3 the Tree of Life. Shoulda stayed

  2. Finally got a roommate photo the last night possible! ha love you! And I am really gonna miss this!