Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sorry Emilee

Emilee Crowder requested a blog update. I like her a lot, so I decided to give the people (person) what they (she) want(s).
Cousins Camp 2k14 was up in Thatcher, Idaho. For some reason I trusted Max to be our driver on the four wheeler. I guess nothing is as dangerous as when I rode with Javier on the four wheeler back in the Virginia ranch days and we almost hit a fence.

Cruisin with Vincent Eric and Eric

Even at cousins camp, when I'm extremely homely, I'm wildly obnoxious in front of the camera

Guys, in a zombie apocalypse DO NOT give me the gun if you want to live

Let's pretend I hit something that I was aiming at


Baby girl and I had some good times on the horses...

when we weren't busy being hiking buds

K: "Violet, who is chubby?"
V:"I chubby!"

Gavin the budding businessman made some mean shave ice

Bird on ma head

Vinny was my little shadow at cousins camp. It was the best. Here we are playing a game called Kuub (I think that's what it's called) that Annie and Ken brought up. 

Vinny and I have this game we started around cousins camp. He will say "I'm not your boyfriend." I'll act really surprised or sad and then he'll go "I'm your boyfriend!" and then we will giggle. The roles then switch, and I say it to him. I LOVE it. Dayna captured us while we were playing around the campfire the first night. 

He just said he's not my boyfriend

I just said I'm not his girlfriend

Then my favorite part: giggles n snugs

 Sometimes I forget that I have baby first cousins. I'm obsessed with James.

I die

Wow, made it through all the cousins camp pictures. 

For FHE one week we dropped ice cream from the balcony of the boys building into our partners' mouths. Good choice Elizabeth

 Speaking of Elizabeth 
She got her mission call to the West Indies mission! I'm so excited for her! I told her she had to leave, at the earliest, the week after my birthday. She is leaving the Wednesday after my birthday. 
We go on dates, and it's the best. 

Watched Passport to Paris with girls in our ward. Have I mentioned how much I love my ward?

Sent out this snap...

Got this reply...

Let me just say that TWO people have told me recently that I look tan. That's TWO more than have ever said that in my life. So take that haters!

Dates with these two

Sisters n Squishy

When Lauren was in town we spent a night at the cabin. I was told we would hike on Saturday. I only brought clothes for hiking on Saturday. THEN everyone decided that we should hike on Friday. I didn't want to wear the clothes that I brought to wear the next day hiking SO...

I hiked in a dress and tennis shoes. What up snitches?

Max had me wear his GoPro on the hike. As I was about to turn it on, these kids on bikes came flying down the road. I missed the biggest wipeout. This kid flew 30 feet in the air and landed in a ditch. I thought for sure he had broken something. He ended up being fine. I was ticked because it would have made the COOLEST GoPro video. Could have reached YouTube fame with that one.


Jaynie was my buddy on the hike. We searched for flowers and fairies. We found both.

The swing at the cabin is one of my favorite places. 

It's even better when my boyfriend comes out to read and swing with me


Fathers Day. This makes me happy. It also makes me miss gramps.

Freedom Awards Gala

I have the funniest friends. They spotted a guy who looks exactly like Sean and made this meme! 

 Chelsea is the best. She sent me another package because she's the nicest person.

Fourth of July and fun friends

Sunday park snugs

 Jaynie turned 5 last week. My heart can't handle that. For her birthday she had a pool party and requested to camp in grandma's back yard. She's the cutest. I'll admit I ended up going inside around midnight, because I was itchy and wanted to take my pants off. Can't do that with my brothers around. You know? TMI? 

 I showed the kids the Jesus Christ lizard National Geographic video, because they love learning about animals. I didn't remember it being funny, but they actually put pretty funny music to the part where it's running on water. The kids thought it was hilarious. We watched it over and over laughing.

Vinny's face. 3 Mags babies on my lap. Never will I complain about that

Frankie's face

Mark is moving to Texas. We went up to his cabin for one last hoorah. I hate goodbyes, but I love my friends. This picture makes me laugh lots. 

Yesterday I got to spend most of my day with these two. One just got back to town and one is leaving soon. Guys, I have the best friends.