Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ok, kewl

So I FAIL when it comes to taking pictures. Most of these come to you via snap chat... oops

PLC mother daughter luncheon 

Sunday dinners with gramma Mags and car rides with the cousins. My people are hilarious


When Adam and I win Sunday bocce

Dance recitals for cousins and another the next day for my Jaynie

Kassandra came to Utah! I visited her while she babysat her cousins in Alpine. 

Nanny love notes are the best:

"You are the best nany evr"

Hiking the Y with Britt

Post hiking the Y convertible rides

Went to St. George/Zion with a group of friends over Memorial Day weekend. SO fun. 

Observation Point

No boyz allowed

yeah, we look gooooood

Went to the home of Michael Coleman for fhe a week ago. He has the coolest collection in his home. I could have spent hours in his studio alone. He's an artist, so I asked him if he knew any local artists. He said a few, so I asked him if he knew gramps. He said he was one of his favorite professors at BYU and talked to me about him and gram.  I love hearing people tell stories or talk about gramps. I miss him a lot. 

Miss Monette had a birthday last week. Nothing like a pool party to celebrate! So many failed picture attempts with the balloons. There were so many!

I did, however, get this FaceTime gem of the balloons being let off into the sky with Lauren's turban

Ma best kid face for my first Hokulia of the summer.

Puttin' on my prettiest face for game night at the cabs

Post work out green smoothies with lil miss

Outletsssss. I told you, most of these are snap chat pictures

Monday night bball lovin'

Perfect park day

Until a baby hurricane suddenly came through

Because there hasn't been boyfriend representation on the blog yet

best girl

Baby girl is in town!!!!

Not documented: 
My first ever Spanish Fork Reservoir experience
Brooke Zollinger and her perfection as a bride; such a fun, classy reception
Clean eating challenge with Steve and Dayna for 30 days. Well, some of us lasted for 30 days. I lasted for 30 days 
Dates with my roommates to Zupas on summer days that feel like October, and I love it. 
Birthday lunch for Christianne to Happy Sumo and me getting completely lost trying to find her
Bonfire with friends; it actually was documented, but I'm too lazy to get the picture of it off of facebook
Other things that I can't think of because Lauren is harassing me

World cup is playing nonstop in the Mags house. I honestly don't care about the world cup. Sorry. Big E is lovin' it though. I haven't heard or seen such enthusiasm from him since Jimmer mania.

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