Friday, April 25, 2014

Sick of trying to come up with a title

There's a problem with my job. If someone gets sick, it pretty much guarantees that I'll get it. I'm home sick today, so I figured I might as well blog right? 

I'm going to be honest this week was one of the hardest I've had a 
in a long time. It all stemmed from this picture. 

It got me into this huge panic. What the freak am I going to do with my life? What is my passion? How do I find it? I am really lost. I have faith that I'll figure everything out and get my crap together, but it's so scary thinking I could go my whole life without finding what I'm really passionate about. 

This week I've been so thankful for the gospel. I've had some really good chats with people (mostly Elizabeth, sorry to pour my life on you). It has helped me gain a lot of perspective. I have a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for me. I don't know what that is, but I'll figure it out along the way. This quote has become my screen saver on my phone. It helps me stay calm. 

Thanks Pinterest

Ok, my life isn't totally awful. I've got proof: 

Being a bridesmaid is my calling in life. Some friends got their pictures back/Ashley got married!

God loves me. He let me live with these beauts

Tell me I have great qualities

Don't know where to start with the rest of my 18 billion pictures so…yeah…

We'll start with my manly man of a home teacher. Blake is the NICEST. He came way too far to help me with my flat tire. Ladies, he's single.

While we're talking about nice people here's a bag that my new friend Chelsea sent me for HER birthday. She sends people gifts on HER birthday. 

Megan is home from her mission! Sorry my friends are so pretty

Baby Babes is 1

Attempted giraffe selfie at the zoo

Attempted carousel selfie at the zoo

I was hooked on The Fault in our Stars. Sorry to my friends who I wouldn't play volleyball with because I wanted to read.

I got to help grandma with the egg stuffing this year. It was fun to sit down and chat with her for the afternoon and sneak some jellybeans. 

My friends do fun things. Sometimes they convince me to do fun things at 1:30 in the morning when I have work the next day. We stayed up for the lunar eclipse whenever that was. 

At first glance this looks like a cute lil selfie of me and McKay. Then you see Kristen. I couldn't stop laughing at this picture hahaha

The next day I was feeling the effects of the lunar eclipse… Coke Zero at 9:00 am…sorry mom

My sibs have snap chat. I love it. I get cute pics of them all the time

I found my twin in emoji form 

I participated in an egg roulette tournament.

I didn't win...

LP reunion

Bring your boyfriend to work day lives on

Kate: Vinny, how come no boys want to marry me (I promise I'm not pathetic I just wanted to hear his response. Glad I did because…)
Vinny: I'll marry you

We played house. Vinny switched roles a few times. At one point he was my dad and was singing me a lullaby. It went like this: "Baby, I love you. Sure! Sure! Sureeeeee!"
Then I turned into the mom and he said: "We're gonna miss you mom! We're going on a date. Baby Leo will babysit you!" 

Saturday of General Conference I had to babysit Jaynie girl. She's so fun to hang out with. She was obsessing over all of my makeup. She asked for black eye shadow. Goth babiez

Conference snugs
Kate: "It says remember"
Jayne: "Like remember the gospels?"
Kate: "Yeah, and remember Jesus"
Jayne: "Like remember to share?"

Before Jayne ditched our sleep over (she missed her mom) we watched A Little Princess. One of my favorite aunt things to do is introduce them to things from my childhood. 

Jayne: "I want to learn about India in school. We don't learn about that in school. Maybe they learn about India in kindergarten. I really want to learn about it. I don't know what it's like there." 
She found some weights in my living room and said "Kate, why don't we both use these muscles? You use the 5 and I'll use the 3"

On Sunday in between conference sessions Emilee gave me a new look on our walk. So prittay

I smell icecream

Sometimes I think I'm hilarious. 

A while back I took Vinna V on a bike ride to the duck pond. That face.

Later on we met up with the peeps. Jayne and I were twins in the most random outfits

Too much love for Frankie

Why would it ever be a bad idea to wear skirts on a scooter?

FaceTime kisses from baby Franks. 

Blythe had an Easter get together. Jayne and Vinny couldn't miss out on all the fun. T-Rex Duck

Too much [cutie] for one [wo]man to handle

Still my baby brother even if he gets all teenagery

Love these weirdos

We can exclude the married people because...

THEY think they can exclude ME

Come on mom. Look at this face

Great things that have no pictures:
Ward idp's
Kristen's birthday party at the cabin
The family in matching tiger shirts at the zoo
A girl told me I look like Lily Collins. I am vain and have been trying to grow my eyebrows out like her. That was one of the best compliments I've ever gotten. I have problems.
Dancing in the car with Taytem while I take her to dance and having dance moves to our favorite jams.
Hannah coming back from DC and ripping her pants trying to get on my bed
Kassandra coming to Utah!
Was having a hard day and I saw someone I used to see all the time. She told me she missed me. It was the littlest thing, but it made me so happy.
Watching Brigham (he's 2) do flips into the water from the side of the pool. WUT?
Opening the door of my cabin to be surprised by Paul Rasmussen. Hadn't seen him in like 9 months and had no idea he was coming. I squealed.
Distancing myself from people who aren't nice
FaceTime with Violet


  1. um, Cj was my home teacher and he tried helping me with a flat tire before we were friends ;) ;) ;) haha LOVE YOU!

  2. This is so great Kate. I too, struggled for a long time about not having a "passion," I've come to realize that my passion is "finding my passion." I love to try new things and I'm game for anything which is code for - I have a lot of mediocre talents. But its okay! I'm happy with it. And you should be so happy with who you are too. You are so beautiful, real and hilarious. When Ryan Gosling comes knock-knockin' at your door don't be surprised!