Friday, February 21, 2014

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My jobs are very different than most jobs post graduation. To save you all the trouble of asking I still don't know what I want to do career wise. It's stressful but WHATEVER. With that said LIFE IS GREAT! 

Jayne and Vinny come with me to work sometimes. We had a little Yo Gabba Gabba party last month.

A few days ago at work I had to clean poop out of a cup. I cleaned up chunky white bottle throw up successfully without throwing up myself, and I have cleaned up puddles of pee. All in a day's right? Hahaha sorry that's so gross, but this snap chat from my 12 year old brother makes me laugh. 

Some mornings are harder than others to get going. I promise this has only happened once

I don't mean to sound negative I love being a nanny. Both families are so different, but they are both really good fits for me and my personality. I really love the kids, so it makes it so much more rewarding. Plus I get to snuggle with the cutest little boys.

 Chocolate and Vanilla

I promise Ollie likes me


BYU games with some of my faves

moms are cute

Jayne, Vinny and I don't care about the Superbowl. We just want to dance to Disney songs with glowsticks in the bathroom.

 5th Annual Valentine's Party. I forgot to take pictures with people, but here are some of the decorations

We had more food than this haha. See those red cups? Whoever left one at the top of my slide you're on my list. Remember the poop in the cup mentioned earlier? Yeah, that happened in one of these cups at the top of my slide, so thank you for that. 

I spy Peanut Butter Drugs...

Sorry I only took phone pictures. 

Shoes like Kroes

The only picture of me at the party was this one to send to my old school with my CES mugs. 

I got to meet sweet Clara after work one day. WHY did you move away?

I had the best valentines this year. The day before Valentine's day I went on a date with these cuties. I love them so much it hurts. If I ever need to laugh, it takes about two minutes with these two before I'm cracking up. They are at the funniest ages.

I obviously got ready for the date...

First stop of the date: Malawi Pizza

Jayne got the Mags tongue

Then we headed to Provo Beach Resort for some ice cream and the carousel

you have to know Vinny's voice to fully appreciate this dialog 
V: I like ice cream
K: Me tooooo
V: yeahhhh, yummy ice creammmm

Then we made our way over to Blickenstaff's for them to pick out a little valentine. On the way over Jayne goes "It's so beautiful out here. It's so peaceful" Love her

Ashley Bracey is one of the best girls I know. I'm SOOOO excited for her to be marrying Brett. Dayna took their engagements the other day, so I tagged along and took creepy iphone pictures

Dayna workin the camera

k bye!