Sunday, January 12, 2014

I promise you'll hate me if you read this whole thing

The past month or so has been INSANE. I have been constantly on the go. Here's an attempted update to capture some of the recent happenings:

Ate Thanksgiving dinner (lunch) early so we could leave right for California after we ate. Steve was coaching down there, and they were taking their babies to Disneyland after. I offered to come and help (basically I wanted to experience the magic of babies and Disneyland), and they let me come. It was quite the adventure. Love you Frankie but your teething while all of us shared a hotel room made it an interesting experience. We'll keep it at that. It was such a fun trip. I'm so glad I got to tag along! Thanks Steve and Dayna!

Frankie we love you, but we hate you for these early mornings, but mostly we love you. 

Vin loves listening to JT on my ipod. He really is the perfect boyfriend

Frankie's first time at the beach

Lipstick kisses

A man asked me how old Frankie was and proceeded to tell me all about his baby. Is it bad that I love when people think he's my baby?

Didn't actually try these donuts, but they looked yummy

Look at me and my [white] baby

Day 1: Disneyland 

We got stuck on the Roger Rabbit ride. I love her.

Watched Frankie while the others went on Astro Blasters

With my best boys on the Winnie the Pooh ride while Jayne went on Splash Mountain

Day 2 California Adventure: 

Nothing is happier than being with a two year old boy at Cars Land

I was a mom and wore running shoes with my outfit. Fashion sacrifices for the well being of my feet

I can't

Swinging ferris wheel with my boyfriend. Closest I'll get to an "OC" ferris wheel ride with my boyfriend. Too far?

After Disneyland I got home and had a work day then was off to nanny in Las Vegas and Hawaii. SUCH a great time.

Got to share a room with cute Taytem

Giovanni's garlic shrimp. HEAVEN ON A PLATE

Dole Plantation Selfie

First time paddle boarding

The Adams knew I like tomato juice so they got a bottle just for me. They don't drink it. Sent this to my mom to show her how great they are.

Sadly I left Hawaii early to spend time with my sweet grandpa before he passed away. I'm so thankful for the Adams for switching my flight so that I could be with him. I will always be so grateful for the time that I got to spend with my gramps. I got home a day before he passed away.

The Porter Christmas Party was that Friday at our house which is always crazy. I love seeing my cousins. It was weird having Brooke gone, but was still a great time. We also celebrated Kenyon's 40th, which included some good laughs.

Frank borrowed Violet's pajamas and Franklina was born

The next day was grandpa's funeral. It was such a special day. It was the first time that all of the cousins have all been together ever. The last time we were all in one place some of the younger cousins weren't born yet. The grandkids had the chance to get up and sing. Not sure if any words actually came out of my mouth, but I tried. His funeral was such a perfect tribute to him. His paintings were all over. When we were in the room at the viewing my niece Jayne asked me if we were in heaven. I told her it wasn't heaven, but then stopped myself and said but it kind of is like heaven with all of grandpa's paintings there. That's my kind of heaven.

So many kind words were shared about my grandpa and all of them were the perfect description of him and how he lived his life. The final speaker told all of the grandchildren to make sure that we all have a current temple recommend so that no matter where we are in the world we can go to the temple and see our grandfather's paintings. He said thats what grandpa would want. I loved that so much and am so thankful that I have a part of gramps with me when I go to the temple and see his artwork.

Stevie turned 30 years OLD the same day, and Dayna threw him a little surprise birthday bash. Steve's the best older brother. I'm lucky to have such a great example in my life.

Each of us is holding a picture of Steve. Kim wins. 

The next week was Christmas. Many hours were spent playing games. I spent a good chunk of my day with Vinny and his new cars track. We made up a victory dance that I wish I would have recorded. I love my little boyfriend. I went down in the gym to play with the kids and Jayne had on her new Frozen dress. She asked me if I would play dress up with her so I put on Lauren's prom dress and we went upstairs. Lauren and Dayna didn't want to miss out so Laur put on her wedding dress and Dayna put on one of our other dresses and we had a Frozen dance party. Christmas is so much better with kids around.

Jayne and my mom yelled to me, so I came from the kitchen to find this. 

Princesses on paraaaaaaaaaaaade

Two days later it was Christiannes wedding!! So weird to think that she's married now. My morning was a disaster. I will not write out the details because it was the worst. I made it though! It is the best seeing your close friends find love. Christianne and Dallin could not be more perfect for each other. They were beaming all day. I am very critical of who my friends end up with, because I want them to have the absolute best. After seeing how Dallin interacts with Christianne I know that he is the absolute best for her. He adores her completely, and I couldn't be happier about it.

**Another added bonus of the day: We were taking bridesmaid pictures and a couple came out of the temple. I looked over to see that it was Kristen Call and her new husband Spencer! After we took bridesmaid pictures I ran over and gave Kristen and Spencer hugs. I was so happy to see them. I wasn't able to go to their reception, so I was so glad that I got to see them there!


Frank is in there

A few days later I was off to DC for Kassandra and Kyle's wedding! It was such a great week. Blythe and I flew out together to DC, met up with Shelby at the airport then Kaile picked us all up and took us to her house. I love that house. So many childhood memories. It was New Years Eve so we watched the ball drop and stupid performances from artists that nobody cares about *cough cough Miley Cyrus and Jason Derulo. Then we stayed up late chatting. We slept in a vegged all day. Em and Alicia came over, and we drove by our old houses. We met up with Kyle and Kassandra at the visitors center and hung out with her family for a little bit. Then we had a girls night, our last girls night with Kassandra before she was Mrs. Stockamp.

Childhood home. It was much cuter circa 2000

It is the best seeing your friends so happy. Kyle and Kassandra are so good together, and it's the best knowing that my friends are getting the best for themselves. Perfect pair. I'm sad I couldn't be in the temple for the sealing, but I got my own special moment. I was in the waiting room of the temple, and I looked at the wall to see grandpa Magleby's painting on the wall. I cried. I love that I have the blessing of seeing his paintings in the house of the Lord.

After the wedding and luncheon we drove with Kassandra's fam down to North Carolina. Then we spent a magical weekend with her family at their beautiful house on the lake. It was the perfect get away. The reception was on Saturday and we got our groove on to Ke$ha and Usher.  We stayed up late talking with some of Kassandra's family, then next morning Maren and I woke up early and drove to Atlanta. I got to see her apartment and where she worked and went to sacrament meeting at her ward. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was such a fun day hanging out with her. Things were just like they were the last time we saw each other in April. I love when things don't change. I was so sad to leave. It was a much needed weekend.

Mac n cheese with Mare AT HER APARTMENT

Now I'm back to reality working like a mad woman. 47 hours of nannying in a week can take the life out of you. I would have worked more too, but one of my jobs ended up not needing me as much one day. I'm pretty much always tired, and sometimes it's hard to be positive, but I'm trying to stay happy and enjoy this time of life.

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