Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November showers bring December weddings?

This last weekend was kinda crazy but really fun. I had 2 bridal showers at my house. 

I look for excuses to use my glitter dots. They are my babies after the several hours I spent making them/using their creation as an excuse to watch a stupid amount of Gilmore Girls. I decided to use the same decorations for the mantle for both showers, because they worked for both brides' styles, and I couldn't bring myself to take it down after the first shower. You can't really see the fringe, but I cut streamers to be all fringy and pinteresty 

My iphoto is being difficult and won't let me edit, crop or straighten pictures so sorry for the poor quality. Christianne's shower was first: 

Ash had the brilliant idea of doing a frozen yogurt bar, so that's what all the toppings in the little jars are for. If you know Christianne you know that she LOVES frozen yogurt, so Ashley's idea was genius. 

 Framed cuties
 Taryn gets me

 Kaylie put together the cute video interview. HA gum mouth

babin bride

We didn't get a group picture before everyone left, but yay for the cooler people who stayed the whole time. 

 Alpine girls

Now on to Lindsays shower. 


You can see the glitter jars I did better in this picture. Craft that works for my attention span/low skill level. Too bad buying the jars to do them made me cry. Dear cashier man....Hatechaaaa. Mean it. 

Framed cuties round 2

hi, i wasn't ready for this picture....woof


  1. SO SAD I couldn't be there for BOTH of these. As always, you're fabulous.

  2. You are the best shower-thrower and i loved seeing you!!!!!