Thursday, August 22, 2013

my bad

Remember when I completely gave up on my blog? Yeah.....woops. I guess I'll do a little recap of my summer, or I'll at least attempt to.......

Josephine went to the temple for the first time. She was baptized for her birth mother, grandmother and great grandmother. It was such an awesome experience to be in the temple with all of my siblings for the first time since Josephine's sealing to our family 3 years ago. Nothing better than being there with family. It was fun being able to do baptisms with the married siblings who haven't done them in a while. That might be the first and last time to do that with them. 

For Jo's birthday we went and got pedicures. Miss Violet came along.

I want to squish her. Lots of swimming at mom and dad's.

Created my first playlist for the 90's idp. Let me clear my throat

 Lots of snugs with Mr. Franks

Yay for wedding season!

Cousins Camp

 Feelin' 22 at Taylor Swift concert with Miss Thanggg

 Sleepover with my babies at my apartment

Fourth of July. Vinn big pimpin'

Why Emilee Crowder is the cutest human

An old 4th of July tradition for the Mags fam  is to go to the BYU soccer game then watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the field after. They still hang up a banner of Steve so we went all Lion King with Frank

Steve's best friend Josh got married. As expected, Josh's reception was a party to remember. Such a fun night with my peeps. Frankie was my dance partner. 

Double Headdddddd

50th birthday party for Holly. I suck and didn't get any pictures of the actual party or the finished crown. Here's the almost finished birthday crown that I made for her. 

 Sisterhood of the traveling shirt

Amanda is the best human and invited me to go to Lake Powell! I hadn't been since I was five. It was so much fun! Ignore the hair. It happened.

Food and games

This came in the mail. Kinda feels awesome.

kinda cute right?

i love these cuties

Squishy came back into town

just your average trip to the doctor being attacked by these two while Frankie gets his shots

girl lives the life

Now for the big surprise of my summer. Freshmen year I was kinda missing in action. I didn't get to know a lot of people in my ward, but I knew who some people were. Elysse knows everyone. Seriously, every human. She was friends with Dalton Griner, 3rd one from the left in the picture below. 
This is a picture from our freshman ward disco skating activity

I knew very few things about Dalton. I knew that he was really smart because of this article about freshmen at BYU that got into other schools but chose to go to BYU instead (he got into Princeton. Yeah Dalt, get over it. I wrote it on here). I also knew he was artistic because Elysse had him do a painting for her before he left on his mission. Other than that I didn't know much. In January he moved in with my good friends Trevor and Chet. I knew who he was from freshmen year, but he didn't remember me. Not surprising. Over the next few months I would see him at his apartment and got to know him a little bit. Spring term came around, and we started hanging out more. The end of June we were watching A Knight's Tale (super romantic I know) with some friends and held hands. Who made the move Dalt? Haha. We pretty much started dating after that. It all happened really fast and kinda out of nowhere. Well, at least for me. He's liked me since January. Here are some of the highlights of my summer with Dalton. 

Lots of dates, most involving food. My kind of guy. 

Put my flowers to use finally bahahaha. Best spent 5 bucks of my life.

Boating with friends. Only took pictures in the car.....woops

 He volunteers to pump my gas for me. Yeah, he's a keeper

Trev's softball games

Library dates. I'd job search/pinterest and he'd study for chemistry.

He also offered to clean my apartment floor. Like I said, he's a keeper

We made peanut butter drugs for the bachelorette finale. Yes, he was forced into watching the bachelorette finale with a bunch of girls. He's kinda the best.

Love this lil smile

 We made the birthday banner for Jaynie's fourth birthday party. She's too old.

 I force him to draw and paint all the time. I'm annoying.

 Lauren commissioned him to paint these little dresses for Violet. SO CUTE!

Darling right?

He likes my babies

Cabin weekend getaway with the fam

Yeah, you'll be seeing more of this guy. That is, if I keep up the blogging. Yikes! I struggle.

Final day of summer. I start my nannying jobs tomorrow.


  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I love this and I'm so glad you blogged. Please keep doing it :)

  2. instagram killed the blogger star.

  3. You're gorgeous!! Why haven't we hung out yet?! You are the cutest aunt ever!! You have a boyfriend!!! Lets double!! Can you tell I'm excited that you blogged???