Saturday, May 4, 2013

but at least you can fall back on basketball....right Troy?

 WARNING: Too many pictures

I "graduated" last week. Here are the pictures and stuff.....

Thursday was commencement. I hopped in line with the business school homegirls so that I didn't have to walk with all of the pregnant sfl girls who I never talk to.

Maren and Emily. Friends since freshman year. Love them

For commencement I sat by Maren, Christianne, Ashley and Ryan. Maren and Ryan were oh so helpful as I pretended to take a picture of them but really took a picture of the BYU basketball players in line behind us. Oh sup Zylstra?

 SO many grads. I spy two basketball players and a pretty Maren

Maren is one of the best people I know. I miss her so much already. She's the only person that can sing Down Once More/Track Down this Murderer with me and get every word perfectly right. The worst part of graduation was having to say goodbye to pretty AND smart Maren. 

Commencement was great. I loved being there with my friends. As I walked in a started tearing up and looked back at Maren. When did we get old??? I don't like it.

After commencement I met up with the Coltons. Jane and I have been friends since our siblings dated when we were 12. Who would have thought that we'd be together ten years later taking graduation pictures? I'm so glad this girl will be moving across the street from me next year so I can see her more. 

Day of convocation was awesome. Started out at Steve and Dayna's. Squishy Violet came all the way from Michigan to come to my graduation. 

Such a trooper during the ceremony

Wish you could see the girl in front of me with her baby. She was breast feeding him as we were walking in... so odd. The baby was a distraction from the strange speaker though, so that was a plus.

Grandpa Mags couldn't make it to graduation. I thought of him a lot throughout the ceremony though as I looked to the wall. The painting behind me in the picture below is one of his. I love seeing it every time I go to the Wilk ballroom. I love my gramps.

Professional picture for the photographer....

That's more like it.....thanks Laur

Time to give Dayna a hard time for not capturing our hug. Haha just kidding Dayna. I'm over it (no I'm not). This is Larry Nelson. He was my professor for my capstone class this past semester. I've taken two other classes from him as well. I love him so much (not in a creepy way). He is the reason I am graduating. Seriously though, with my issues with my anxiety this semester, he helped me through. He made accommodations for me that I will forever be so thankful for. He cares so much about his students. One day I was walking with him after class to his office. We had been talking about emerging adulthood in class and about people who flourish and those who flounder at this time of life. He asked me how I'd been doing. I said that during that whole lesson I was thinking about how I am in the floundering category. He then said to me "You're not floundering. You're flourishing with a few road bumps along the way." He would constantly tell me how proud of me he was, and he said to me that he would take some of the physical pain that he has to deal with any day over what I have to go through. He helped me feel like I wasn't a crazy person, and that this is just a trial that I have to deal with. He helped build my confidence in myself so much this semester. Before this class I was so discouraged with my anxiety. He helped me to realize my potential and worth. I am so thankful for that. 

As I was holding Frankie at graduation, I realized people probably thought that he was my baby. Congratulations to me for graduating college with a newborn. It was so hard.

Or maybe with my six month old?

Double babying is my favorite

Grandma and grandpa Porter

Sistas and their babiez

Big E and Home Gurlllll

I love all of the photos that grandpa takes haha

Blurry but awesome. Mom is the best to take pics with

So proud of her favorite child

Mom's laugh is da cutest. I have embraced that I look like a goblin when I laugh.

Luh dis chick

I guess we can take a normal one...


This one has been a hit on facebook. 

Y not?

Little Graduate

After convocation we went to Communal to celebrate the graduations of Susie from UVU and Kate (me, duh) from BYU. Nom nom nom.

Maxie was there for that part. Love my lil guy

Tell us how good looking we are

After dinner we had a lil grad photo shoot. HIT IT:

Many attempts at High School Musical pictures.... 

And we mayyyyyyde atttttttttt



    You're pretty AND smart AND nice AND da best.

  2. You are so gorgeous Kate!!!!! So jealous of your luscious locks.

  3. you are so pretty. SO PRETTY. and pic of you and frankie straight up looks like you tending your child. werk.