Saturday, April 27, 2013

For the future Mrs. Kutney

A few weeks ago we had a bridal shower at my house for Ynna! 

We had a table of all of Ynna's favorite foods. 

Spent some hours watching Gilmore Girls and making these gold glitter dot strands. So fun to make!

 Also did some on the mantle. Wish you could see the pictures of this glam couple.

Ynna's last name is going to be Kutney. Luckily my name starts with a K so I could use some of my room decorations that I never got around to painting. 

Maren made all of these fans. Impressed? I sure am. Also, she has met Martha Stewart. Hatecha

Here's beautiful Maren. DON'T MOVE AWAY

Ynna is the prettiest bride to be there ever was

Video of the groom answering questions. Best part of all bridal showers. 

One word to describe Ynna: Preston said darling. Wish you could have seen all of our reactions to this, but here's the one that is the most important. I love it.

hehe luh dis

Pretty sisters. 


Every bride to be has to wear a crown

Congratulations Pretty Ynna!!! Can't wait for your baby shower in nine months ;)

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