Saturday, April 27, 2013

For the future Mrs. Kutney

A few weeks ago we had a bridal shower at my house for Ynna! 

We had a table of all of Ynna's favorite foods. 

Spent some hours watching Gilmore Girls and making these gold glitter dot strands. So fun to make!

 Also did some on the mantle. Wish you could see the pictures of this glam couple.

Ynna's last name is going to be Kutney. Luckily my name starts with a K so I could use some of my room decorations that I never got around to painting. 

Maren made all of these fans. Impressed? I sure am. Also, she has met Martha Stewart. Hatecha

Here's beautiful Maren. DON'T MOVE AWAY

Ynna is the prettiest bride to be there ever was

Video of the groom answering questions. Best part of all bridal showers. 

One word to describe Ynna: Preston said darling. Wish you could have seen all of our reactions to this, but here's the one that is the most important. I love it.

hehe luh dis

Pretty sisters. 


Every bride to be has to wear a crown

Congratulations Pretty Ynna!!! Can't wait for your baby shower in nine months ;)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So I'm "pretend graduating" because I still have 4 credits to take spring term BUT it should be easy so I'm just saying that I am a college grad!! What the what??? 

My college experience was amazing. I have changed so much over the past four years. I feel like I am a completely different person now. That's a good thing though. College was much different than I pictured it being, and my life is nowhere near what I thought it would be like. If life had gone the way I planned it I would be married to my missionary and probably starting to have kids. WEIRD.  I am SO glad that my life has gone the way that it has. 

I seriously cannot believe that I am graduating. I almost thought that that wasn't going to be a possibility. As most of the people reading this know I have struggled with anxiety. School is freaking hard when you have anxiety FYI. I even didn't turn in a final paper because of it one time. Got a solid C- in the class... I MADE IT THROUGH THOUGH. I used to not tell anyone about my anxiety, but I have learned that I am able to help people, and they can help me when I am open and honest about it. I have made some of my best friendships as I have opened up and talked about anxiety and have helped friends who deal with it too. It makes going through it much easier. ANYWAY I just had to say how excited I am that I made it through this school year (especially this semester). Life works out and is so wonderful! 

I want to do a little recap of college: 

Freshman Year: 

Freshman year I was MIA a lot in the dorm scene. I had a boyfriend so I was with him a lot. If I could change one thing about college it would be not spending enough time being a freshman. I missed out on some great things. I still had a great freshman experience and made some incredible friends. I am so glad that I was able to live down the hall from my best friend. It had been years since we lived near each other, and it has been so great being back together. Through her I have made a lot of my closest college friendships, and I am so thankful for that. 

Sent off a missionary. That is one thing I never thought would happen to me. Alas, I was one of those girls who started dating a boy in high school and came to school with a boyfriend (actually I think we were broken up for a few weeks when I first came to school but whatev). Do I regret it? NOPE. I learned a lot from this relationship and am still friends with him. We actually went to conference together a few weeks ago (gasp! you can be friends with boyfriends after you break up? yes you can)

Sophomore year: 

I ended up living away from almost all of my friends. Surprisingly though it was a really great year. I lived in Alpine Village and actually really enjoyed it. This was the year of greatest spiritual growth for me. Second semester I had to go to church alone after my roommate got married. Going alone is really hard. I admire the people who do it all the time. This was also when I was going through a really difficult time in my personal life. I had to put my complete trust in the Lord, and I grew so close to Heavenly Father. This was also the year that I took Human Development from Larry Nelson. Little did I know that this class would change my life. I ended up declaring my major that semester: Family Life with and emphasis in Human Development. My major is one of the best things to have happened to me. I wish everyone could take the classes that I was able to take and to be inspired by the professors as I have been. If anyone is looking for classes to take at BYU come to me. I will not disappoint. 

Vincent was born, and I was able to be there for the birth. It was perfect. 

This guy came home for health reasons for 5 months, so that was interesting....we'll leave it at that. 

Sent him off again....

Junior Year: 

So I actually was supposed to go on a study abroad fall semester of junior year. I was SO excited to go to London, but something felt wrong about it. It stressed me out because I wanted that experience, but I knew that it was the wrong thing for me. That was really hard for me to accept. I ended up moving in at condo row and happened to be in the same building as two of my best friends Brittany and Kristen. I was with them ALL the time last year. 

Ended up making some of my best friends that I have ever had. I feel that the main reason I wasn't supposed to go to London was because I needed to make the friends that I did. 

Senior Year: 
This was my only "single" year at BYU. I mean, I would go on dates, but I never pursued relationships with guys because I had a missionary. I broke up with him for good (I say this because even after I Dear John'd him I ended up dating him off and on all last summer after he got home...woops haha) so I was finally fully on the market I guess. It's been so nice to be single and figure out what I want through dating different guys. I needed some single time to figure things out.  Now put your hands up!  

So lots of people told me that my friends would all get married while we are at BYU. WRONG. Mine mostly went on missions. It has been hard for me, but has been a blessing to me in countless ways. I love my missionaries so much. Here are some of my best home girls who are out/have calls right now

-Kristen: Minnesota
-Brittany: San Diego
-Megan: Chile
-Brooke: Philippines 
-Elysse: Germany
-Kiersten: Bulgaria
-Maddie: Mississippi 

I actually had a lot of roommates in college. Here's a list, but some I don't have pictures with sadly: 


Summer Term after Freshman Year: 

Tara, Rachel, Shelby

Nicole and Elysse: 

Sophomore Year: 

Joy, Stefani, Kambri, Camille

my cousin Sophie

Junior Year: 

Christianne, Ashley, Becca, Amanda

Senior Year: 
Christianne, Ashley, Brooke, Kassandra

I love BYU so much and am so thankful that I was able to go here. I can't imagine having gone to school somewhere else. It was the perfect place for me to be. I'm excited to see what the future has in store. Look out world! Comin' at ya!