Saturday, February 23, 2013

Loser has to.....lolwut??

These are out of order, and I don't want to fix that. 
Last weekend for President's Day some of the peeps went down to Springdale (not St. George). It was a party and a much needed break. We hiked Angel's Landing, which I had never done before. It kinda brought me back to my Calleva days. SO FUN. After we finished that hike we bounced right into our next one Watchman Trail. My people are funnnnn

Rex slipped on the way down, and Emilee snapped it right as it happened.

Got a pic in the chair that everyone on facebook has a picture in. cool. (this was our car going down and coming back home. Lots of Ke$ha, Wicked and Clarity)

Our entire group at the top of Angel's Landing
Maren, me, Jimmy, Emilee, Blythe, Michael, Phil and Rex


We stayed at the Bumbleberry Inn

We went to Blondie's for dinner on Saturday night. This is right as Blondie pinched our bums....

Sorry for all my face in the holes...PSYCH

Maren's happy meal Hello Kitty loved the hike

On the way up we ran into Ben Snow

Our second hike of the day

just on a tree over a river...opportune time for a....PHOTO SHOOT

Still got my shin bruise

double face in the hole on a mountain.


engagement photos lolwut?

Our album comes out Summer 2013

Dancin on a mountain

Saturday evening was spent at Blondie's and star gazing off the side of the road. 
On Sunday we went to Phil's mission president's ward, and then they had us over for dinner. After we went to the high school football field and basked in the sun (there was obviously some hiding on my part). Then we went back to the Bumbleberry, and the boys serenaded us. They even threw in some Sk8er Boi and accommodated my request of Why Georgia. 

I have such amazing friends. It was the perfect weekend. I even avoided getting burned! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


The blog. Sometimes I write on it...

Something is messed up with my phone/iphoto so I can't get pictures from my phone. These are stolen pics in an attempt to update this thing. 

Meet my valentine Vincent Eric Magleby. I love him. This is us on a date to the tumbling gym.

Friday night was the Valentine's Party at my house in Alpine. Yay friends

This treat is addicting. It's called Peanut Butter Yum...we relabeled it Peanut Butter Drugs. SO good. Party prep was intense this year. I was on my feet all day cooking/baking/setting up. By the time the party rolled around I just wanted to hide in my room and lay on my bed. I resisted and joined the party.

Blythe had an Australia Day get together and we tim tam slammed. Like my Christ Episcopal mug? I do and was so scared that it was going to break walking to Blythe's

Jazz game on Monday. I look like a bum because I had to leave right after basketball class but OH WELL. Jimmer was there (playing against the Jazz). Love that guy.

Mom is da best human. She has connections in all the right places, and she got us tickets to the sold out Phantom of the Opera at BYU. It was amazing. 

JoJo Mofino had a basketball game the night before the Valentine's party. I was in Alpine starting party prep, so I decided to ditch that biz for a high quality Junior Jazz smackdown. Josie's team won by 20.

Super Bowl food prep

I listen to my Destiny's Child pandora station every day so you better believe I FREAKED when Kelly and Michelle came on stage. I love Beyonce. Now put your hands up!

Jayne and I have and interesting relationship. It works for us.

Remember that time I was a moron and fell down the stairs? This time I fell (ran) into a wall. I was playing in my intramural game last night (against a really crappy team so why was I even trying hard??). We didn't have any subs, so it would have been smart to not play really intense. Smart people pace themselves. I decided to go full force the entire game, which I did, not thinking it through very much. The result? Me running after a ball for the fast break....realizing that I wasn't going to catch up to the ball that the girl on my team threw, and that I was running full speed into the score keeping table.....trying to avoid the table......tripping on my running shoes (why wear basketball shoes in a basketball game?...moron).....and SLAMMING into the metal sheet that is on the fence in the Smith Fieldhouse.....idiot. Aside from a headache and slight delusion I'm fine. It was probably really hilarious for the people witnessing. I'll laugh about it more when my headache goes away. Woof.

On a happier note I have the nicest teacher in the world named Larry Nelson. He was overly nice to me today, which I appreciated so much. Seriously, he is such a great man/teacher. TAKE A CLASS FROM HIM IF YOU ARE AT BYU. He cares so much about his students and his classes are life changing. This is my third time taking a class from him. Do it.