Sunday, January 13, 2013

I am tired and just want to post this thing

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”-Ernest Hemingway

I love this. Sometimes at BYU I feel like a total idiot. Not that I'm not smart, but I compare myself to other people, especially people in my major. At times I try to be better than these people in an attempt to feel more accomplished, and it results in me just feeling worse. I thought this quote was a good reminder for me to not worry about how talented other people are. I am successful in my own ways, and I need to focus on improving, becoming better than my former self. 

Picture vomit:

that one time (a week ago) that I fell down the stairs like a moron

Phil is famous! Front row groupies!

Jayne came over yesterday to hang out. I was laughing the majority of the 3 1/2 hours that we were together. Look at how cute and little she is. I love her. She is the funniest human child.

As we were walking up to go into my apartment she starts jumping and says "I'M SO EXCITEDDDD!!" The whole way over in the car she was getting so pumped (maybe that was because Justin Biebs was playing. I'd like to think I was involved though). She was so excited to be going to "Kate's house." I'm the cool aunt. 

We played with my jewelry. So fancy

Jayne and I were watching this Disney song countdown on youtube. She was singing along and loving it. One song came on (pretty sure it was Reflection from Mulan) and she got extremely excited and grabbed my cheeks and kissed me right on the lips. 

After our youtube sing along we walked to the corner market to buy cookie dough. We made cookies and had a cookie picnic on the living room floor while watching Sleeping Beauty. 

I told Jayne about how Ashley visits sick kids dressed up like Belle to help them feel happy. She then proceeded to grab her stomach and said "I'm sick...Maybe your friend should come visit me" she's learning young

Jayne colored during our cookie picnic. I now have a gorgeous drawing tucked into my scriptures. Love her.

Boyfriend was sick when Jayne came over, but don't worry we got pictures last Sunday.

Jealous Kaile?

My brother Max is the cutest 11 year old boy to walk to the planet. He instagrams scriptures.

Guys, I'm like really pretty......especially on Christmas

Got to see beautiful Soph over break. Miss her so much. 

I can't handle how cute he is. 

Ringing in the New Year with Kwasi up at the cabin

Eleven year olds shouldn't be allowed to take pictures. I should have learned my lesson after the Hunger Games date. Get your fingers outta here

Last face in the hole of 2012

No yellows suckas

Only for Nick will I drive on the freeway. Picked this fool up from the airport last week and got to hang out with him. I've missed that guy. Sorry for the picture Nick bahaha

We celebrated grandpa's 80th birthday over the break. I love him so much. 

At said party I was reunited with Brooke!!! Happy day!

Katelet and Lauren partied it up

This blog post totally sucked sorry Christianne (the only one reading this)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Peace Out 2012

 I can't decide how I feel about 2012. It was great for many reasons, but it was also a challenging year. Regardless, here are some of the highlights:

I started out the year with a lil trip to Arizona. My cousin Sarah got married down there. It was a beautiful wedding, and it was nice getting together with family that I don't get to see often. This picture is freaking ugly because I forgot to bring a brush/hair products so focus on Annie and Brooke....

Throughout the post I'll throw in a couple of superlatives. 
Worst picture of 2012 goes to....

ME! Raccoon eyes after having to deliver some bad news. This picture is hilarious/hideous for many reasons. I love it. Also, mirror pic means that the ring is really on my right hand. I wear it every day (or I try to), and it is from my grandma. Just clarifying that I was never engaged in 2012.

Vegas/St. George trip. This is where I met Trev, Chet and Kiersten. 

Valentine's party at my house. 

Elysse's birthday bash. I associate with mega hotties.

Trip to Logan to stay at Brooke's. I got to ride horses twice in 2012. Bliss... 

Cutest Human 2012:

Female: Violet 
Male: Vincent

Honorable Mention: Jayne (The only reason she didn't tie with Violet is because Violet is a baby. You can't compete with a baby) Next year Jayne, next year. 

Park City trip with the girls in my family before Lauren moved to Michigan. 

I GOT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't been there since 2008


Idaho trip with ma boyzz

Blythe and Brooke's birthday party at the cabin

Brooke moved in in August. Conference weekend at Mark's and Mags' cabins

Camille's wedding in California

Hunger Games date. 

Best Dressed 2012:


Went to Michigan to meet baby girl who was born in October.

Ask me how many of my best friends got their mission calls in 2012. Including my pseudo sister? 7
Don't believe me? Let me list them for you: 
And as of a few days ago my "sister":
And guess what. 2013 is bringing more. My friends are amazing. 

Beautiful Elysse was the most recent home girl to leave. 

 Some reasons why 2012 was goooooood: 
-I made tons of new friends. I don't want that to sound like I think I'm miss popular. I just made a lot of really close friends in 2012, which I wasn't anticipating. 
-New baby in the fam/Announcement of another one to come in 2013
-Royal baby announcement. Bummer.... they probably won't name their baby Kate if it's a girl. 
-I grew up a lot 
-Applied for graduation
-Made decisions that have changed my life for the better
-Weddings of close friends. I LOVE when my friends find love. It makes me so so happy
-Vincent. I love him. He is the sweetest little guy. He turns two soon. Not allowed!
-Ellen Degeneres. This is going to sound ridiculous. I had some really rough experiences in 2012. During those times the only thing that got me through was watching Ellen Degeneres on Youtube. I love her. She does so many good things. She's incredibly generous. Also, she cracks me up (Hey Ellen! Read this so you can bring me on your show to meet you. K thanks. While I'm there could you bring Emma Stone too? Or Justin Timberlake? I know you and T-Swift are besties too so she's totally welcome. K, awesome.)
-Music. I branched out to some new tunes, but lez be honest I mostly listened to Billy and Elton. 
-Sports. Not professional sports though. Ask me about the NBA, and I will say "Don't know. Don't care." Ask me about BYU basketball, and I can give you random trivia from seasons past. The conversation will be even better if Emilee Crowder is around ;)
-I got married. Wait, that was my roommate. Ran a marathon. Oh, my other roommates did that. Got my mission call. Different roommate huh? Wait guys, but I like made a quilt... 
-When I went home to Maryland the giant statues of the mom and the fire fighter running with the kid that look like tinfoil people were still outside of the fire station. Creepy, but I love everything from my childhood. 
- Didn't have to move into a new apartment
-Taylor Swift came out with the song 22. I'm 22. 
-My house didn't burn down

2013 be cool.