Monday, December 17, 2012


I used to blog, then I stopped caring. I'm sad that I am a terrible blogger now. I used to love it. Even as I type right now I don't want to be blogging. I really should be going to bed. I stayed up late watching the recording of JP and Ashley's wedding. The boys in my family wouldn't let me watch it when it came on, so I had to record it. Their love is so sweet and genuine. I have been kinda (very) cynical about love this past semester. I think my Forming Marital Relationships class had a lot to do with it. I definitely needed a reminder that love does happen, and that every relationship isn't doomed (I seriously got that vibe from my marriage class this semester. Aren't those classes supposed to make you want to get married? Hmmmm.....Whatev.) Who thought the Bachelor would be able to help me out? hahaha!

Here's an attempt at an update on ma life that's out of order: 

Baby Violet's first Backstreet Boy dance party. It's Gotta Be You.

Went with Paul to the symphony

BYU Basketball is BACK!!!!!!

BYU basketball game in Salt Lake with some of the coolest people I know. Sean big pimpin'

Elysse's farewell :) :( I am now at 5 best friends (that's only counting girls) who have left on missions. Brooke has her mission call making it 6. I have the greatest friends in the world. 

 Brooke is going to the Philippines!!!!!!!!

My friends come up with the coolest ideas. We had a Hunger Games group date at my house last month. It was SO much fun! I took Chetta Chet. If I get around to it (so probably not) I'll do a post about our date. Chet and I were district 2 which means we got to be Cato and Clove. I tried to recreate their outfits from the opening ceremonies. 

Two dress up dates in one week! We had a thanksgiving feast date up at Elysse's aunt's house. I took Mark. We were some of the few pilgrims in attendance

I went to Michigan over Thanksgiving break. SUCH A FUN TRIP! Another blog post that will probably never happen. 

In Michigan we had Thanksgiving with a bunch of the student couples. It was really fun, but it was definitely different being away from home. My fam was cool enough to save me some rainbow jello for when I got back from my trip because our Michigan Thanksgiving didn't have any. 

I had a sudden burst of confidence apparently, because I am still in shock that I wore this very form fitting onesie outside of my apartment. Emilee had a Christmas Silent Disco one night. We were supposed to wear Christmas sweaters, but I didn't have one. I decided Christmas onesie was appropriate and went for it. Tis the season I guess...

We LOVE Clue. I am 11.

My beautiful Elysse left for her mission on Wednesday to the Alpine (not Utah, sadly) German Speaking Mission. This was the hardest goodbye for me out of my friends leaving on missions. I realized after saying goodbye to her that things will never be the same. My other friends left a while ago, and I figured I'd still be around when they get back. With Elysse, I realized I may not ever live close to her again. I graduate in April. I have NO IDEA what I am doing or where I will be even 6 months from now. It makes me sad to think that this is the end. I have loved BYU and the people I have met here. Friends are moving away, getting married (wait like none of my friends are getting married. STUPID BOYS my friends are hot. Marry them!) and going on missions. I'm excited for all of the exciting things that are happening in the lives of my friends, but it makes me sad to think that life as I know it is going to change dramatically. I think the scariest part is just that I have no plan at all. This is definitely a time where I have to put all of my faith in the Lord. It will all work out. 

Good thing Brooke was there to comfort me during my "growing up sucks" breakdown. At least I know that I'll see her in the future because we are cousins and are forced to see each other ;)

Good thing baby Violet is in town to cheer me up. 

This post sounded very dramatic. I promise I'm not totally depressed. Proof: