Wednesday, September 26, 2012

somebody sat on me again

I like nice people. Mean people are ok too I guess cause we're supposed to love everybody, but lately I've encountered a lot of really nice people. People have taken genuine interest (or so it seems) in how I'm doing and how my life is going. I really appreciate all of my friends who are so awesome (that's all of you). People are the best haha that sounded dumb, but seriously, I know some of the best people. 

How many beyond ugly face in the holes can I post in the internet in one week? So far we're at 2. At least Lauren looks like a freakin babe

This picture just screams: "I'm super single" and it makes me laugh so hard. 

First a tree to separate me from the fam, and now I'm turned away from everyone. We get it Matt. If the lovely people who receive our Christmas card each year were confused about my relationship status, there is absolute clarity now

Don't the guys know I'll make such a good mother:

Ok, time to redeem myself: 

Hahaha and for those of you who may now be concerned I am TOTALLY ok with being single. I just found our Christmas card pictures today, and it gave me a good laugh. 

Yesterday was my sister Lauren's birthday. She's da best! 

Woops how did this picture of Adam Levine get on here? Swoon


  1. hahahahahahahaha WHOOPS SWOON. but a very cute asparagus.

  2. KATE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA the tree! i love when you blog.

  3. You are the best and I love your posts!

  4. I'm a huge fan. You crack me up. Those pics of you and cryin' Jayne-- hilarious! (Although that last one of you two seriously rivals any Madonna and Child painting. Just ask your Grandpa Mags. Jayne might have to lose the binky first though.)

    And srsly, how DID Adam Levine make this post??? Haha.