Monday, September 17, 2012

Brothers, Babies and Baby Showers

My eyes look like the Mexican siblings on Heroes whose eyes bleed black, but the purpose of this photo is to show my lil' guy. Max is freaking the best ever. Yesterday I kept telling everyone how cute Max is, even though I hadn't seen him yet that day. It kills me. He's a lil' stud. 

We were up at the cabin yesterday. I love it up there so much. I love how close it is to my apartment. Another added bonus is that my babies were there. Hit it: 

Laur and Matil (my name for Violet while she's still a fetus) came to visit last week. We had a baby shower while they were here.

Dayna and I made the banner on the mantle for the shower. It says Baby Violet if you can't read it.

I may have dished the beets for the salad into a pile on my plate, sorry Traci. Love me some beets.

We also made her this baby mama crown



After much anticipation/stress on my part, I finally got to give Lauren the quilt I made for her. SHE LIKED IT PEOPLE!!!!!!! I was so nervous. She's my sister, so I don't know why I was so nervous but I was freakin out. I didn't have time to wrap it cute (I put it in a box that still had the shipping sticker on it and tied a bow around it), and everyone was making fun of me for not being crafty like the other girls in my family when she began to open it. I was kinda annoyed especially because I worked really hard on my quilt/the shower, and because people make comments like that all the time. Then she opened it and everyone (including Lauren) was so surprised that I could sew. Again, ouch haha but it was kinda nice in my head to be like "suck on that haters!!" hahaha

Hopefully I'll be able to learn to sew a quilt that isn't just straight lines hahaha, but I was proud of my first attempt at a quilt. I have a lot to learn, but it's so much fun!

My sister is a babeeeeeeee


  1. GORGEOUS baby shower! I LOVE the baby quilt you made for Lauren and I happen to think that you're VERY crafty AND brave, considering that you're surrounded by an army of Martha Stewarts and ARTISTS, hello. You really don't give yourself enough credit, girl! LOVE THE QUILT.

    Violet is going to be one lucky little baby! Lauren will make a beautiful mommy. (And everyone already knows that you're the cutest aunt out there.)

  2. Btw, you are hilarious. "Matil" and "double face in hole." Such a comedienne! Hahaha.