Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Smorgasbord Post...

This post is too long and lacks any flow. You have been warned.

We had a birthday party last Saturday for Blythe and Brooke up at the cabin! We had an awesome turn out, and it was SO fun!  Everyone had to come dressed up as something from The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, The Great Gatsby or Peter Pan/Hook. The Great Gatsby had the best turn out for sure. I loved seeing all of the costumes. People are creative! I chose to be the poppies from The Wizard of Oz. It wasn't the best costume for a social gathering, (hugging got supa awk, and it was hard to get past people) but it was fun getting dressed up. 

Me with the birthday beauty Blythe

Some of the first guests to arrive

This defines my day yesterday.

Not going to lie I've been having a really hard time lately. I'm not trying to be all boo hoo feel bad for Kate wah wah. It just helps writing out how I'm feeling. I don't need to get all personal, and I won't, even if this is my personal blog. None of you need to hear about every little thing that is happening. The purpose of saying anything is to explain why I need to focus on happy things that are happening in my life right now. Here are some things that make my life oh so good:

IT'S FALLLLLLLL. Fall is my favorite season!! Driving through Provo canyon right now is SO pretty. 1/2 of my mountains in Alpine are pretty. Sadly the part by my house is scorched. 

I'm really enjoying my classes this semester. My favorite is my interior design/architecture class. I love everything that we're learning about and feel really passionate about design. Hopefully one day I won't totally suck at designing my own home. 

This totally looks like a Mormon mommy blogger posting a picture of her kissing her child as she writes about the joys of motherhood. Bahaha. These two bring so much joy to my life. The other day I got to babysit them, and Vinny was being hilarious. I'd ask for a kiss, and he'd come at me mouth open growling. I was caught so off guard and just burst into laughter. He is the sweetest little guy. Also, Jayne's face in this picture is hilarious. That little girl never ceases to make me laugh. 

Gramma Mags. I went over and visited her and gramps a week ago. She's hilarious. She also makes me bagels with cream cheese a pepper jelly. Boom da boom. So good! 
This picture is completely hideous, but you know that I can't resist a face in the hole when presented with one, especially if Grams is involved. 

This kid. If anyone ever needs someone to make them feel good about themselves Kwasi is the guy to go to. He is always telling me how awesome and pretty I am. I'll take it! Haha but seriously he is the sweetest kid. Yesterday at Sunday dinner I was talking to him, and he came up behind me and gave me a huge hug. I then told him he was an awesome cousin and he said "cousin power never leaves, even when you're dead." hahahaha ok

Snugglin' in this every day

Home girl moved in!!!!! SO FUN! I love living with cousins. It's the greatest. We get along great, I never get sick of being around her, and she is hilarious. Win.

A sister who won't let me hug her

I get to see b-friend soon. I seriously cannot wait!

Brooke and I are getting a Gilbert poster for our room. We decided to make a wall of hotties, but not your regular/obvious hotties. As much as I love Justin Timberlake, we're going for a more classy vibe. I'll keep you updated. So far we've got Gilbert Blythe and Jim Craig from The Man From Snowy River (sigh) on our list. Honestly we could stop there, completely satisfied

Other obvious things that make life good:
babysitting for a family in my home ward 
hope for my future -it's gonna be big
funny people like Emilee Crowder (also falls in friend category)
Matil comes in roughly a MONTH!!!!! Babyyyyyy
green beans
Ellen Degeneres- Dennis Quaid getting a mani/pedi...gangnam style mother and son.
Project Runway - Christopher is my fave
BYU basketball season is slowly approaching
nice strangers
awesome teachers
great apartment with an amazing ward
Destiny's Child Pandora
thinking of the approaching reappearance of the bird costume
my Danish slippers
Suri's Burn Book
This picture of Lauren and Javi:

Thug dad:


  1. haha kate! I miss you! Can't wait to see the BIRD again :)

  2. Oh Eric... Hahaha. Is that a fall photo of VERMONT?!! Breathtaking!