Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I went to Moab with some of my friends a few weeks ago. It was SOOO fun! I hadn't been there since I almost died when I was like 8. It was a short trip, but it was definitely worth it. 

Our friend Andrew was a river raft guide this summer so he took us night rafting!! It brought me back to my Calleva days. I had missed rafting so much!! I am the palest person. Especially around Elysse. 

The next day we repelled Corona arch. The climb up to it was terrifying! Thought I was going to die. 

I'm the figure floating through the air. 

Earlier that week we hit up 7 Peaks

After Moab I had a little break then the next day I was off to Idaho with Trevvv. We went to visit Chet. It was just me and the boys which didn't seem like a weird thing to me at all to be the only girl, but when I told people they thought it was weird or that I was dating one of them. Both are false. I'm used to be the only girl with these guys, and it was SO fun! 

We started off by going to a wedding reception. It was kinda awkward, seeing as I wasn't on the guest list, but I saw Nicole's family so that made it great! The next day we went boating. I got some sweet shots of the boys doing their thing, but I don't feel like uploading my pictures from my camera. I'm a lazy blogger, and there were no pictures of Vincent to put on so why upload?

Later we went and explored Chet's farm. This is me and my friend Trevor. He asks girls on dates so he is held in higher esteem than my other guy friends. Ladies he's single!

Thank you friends for being the coolest