Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Still Standing

So my babies have been gone, hence the lack of posts. My deep depression has kept me away from blogging...jokes, but I do miss my babies. THEY GET HOME SUNDAY, and it will be just like this picture with Vin only sans Josie's headband (to be replaced by my Costco shirt)

Lately life has been CRAZY. I went on two road trips last week. TWO. It was so fun and very very needed. I'll post about those later when I decide to stop being too lazy to upload pictures from my camera/get pictures from everyone. Without a camera phone I fail at documenting life

attempt at an update/brain dump

Moonlight lift and sleepover at the cabin with Dayna and her sisters. 

In the morning we hiked to Stewart Falls

Miss Josephine slept over at my apartment FINALLY. She thought my church was weird because there was no primary and was longer than her church (it's not, sorry)

I went to Lagoon with my little sibs/their friends/dad on Monday. The rides made me so dizzy. I think my adventure with Emilee to the PG carnival left me with some permanent damage. Seriously though. Hey Emilee remember when we weren't coherent, had the worst motion sickness of our lives and sent a cry for help out to the facebook world, and everyone thought we were drunk? I am still slightly mortified, but I'm still laughing as hard as I was that night. Kills meh

I almost posted the music video to Elton John's I'm Still Standing so you could all participate in the uncomfortable experience I just went through. I couldn't do it though. Too strange. Still love him.

Some of my recent finds. People of the internet are brilliant: 

Everyone please remind me to do this to my calendar next year. Perfect.

Should I ever own a store/restaurant, again remind me to post this on the wall. It's up there with the one we found in Vermont that said "unattended children will be given an espresso and a free kitten" hahaha
Dance Magic Dance 

I don't hate Twilight (I actually enjoy going and seeing them at the theatre with my cousins/aunts/ sisters/mom its a fun girl thing that we do), but this is pretty perfect. 

Time to confess I guess.
Brian Reagan. Not that funny. 

Taryn and CJ got married last week. This is the only picture that proves I was there. 

word. it was good, but i'm so much happier now and so much more myself. i feel so much peace and excitement about the future. i didn't before. sometimes I still need reminders. time to move on to what's right and better.  wish me luck.

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