Thursday, July 19, 2012

brain dump

I never realized how UGLY of a laugher (word?) I was until yesterday. Like I knew it wasn't cute, but I've seen multiple pictures recently of me laughing. Holy freak. Hate you all for not telling me.

My family used to watch American Idol. Michael Johns' season was obviously the greatest, but we stuck it out one more year for Danny Gokey's. That was the end for us. I label the seasons by who I wanted to win, not who actually won. Clay Aiken's season was our first. We LOVED Clay. When we first moved to Utah Lauren and I went to the Clay Aiken/Kelly Clarkson concert. We were among the few people there for Clay. Today I was talking to Josie about the game Solitaire and then starting singing Clay's version of Solitaire which led me to YouTube (all roads lead to YouTube) which led me to THIS. I forgot how much I LOVED it. 

This has been playing over and over in the Mags house. I'm giddy. I'm seriously SOOO excited! My cousin Hayley posted a video of the 1996 US gymnasts, and it brought back so many memories. That's the first time I can remember watching the olympics. I was almost 6 and loved gymnastics. Gymnastics has been my favorite event ever since. 

While I'm on a YouTube kick, here's the So You Think You Can Dance routine I talked about in my Maryland post. There's an animator, stepper and a martial artist all in the same dance. INSANE. 

I've been sick this week so I started Downton Abbey. Everyone was right.

I miss Kristen. A lot.

I miss Brittany. A lot. I also miss going with her to her elementary ed classes just because I wanted to hang out with her still. 

I challenge you to find a creepier photograph

Life is good. For a little while this summer I was frustrated with myself and was really discouraged. I've had to make a pretty big decision. It's been a process, but I've finally made it. I feel like I need to write about it here so I can look back on this post at times when I let myself get discouraged again. I'm happy and at peace. That's what keeps me moving forward.

Back around Easter my friend Nick painted these at FHE. The one of the left is me, naturally. The one on the right was labeled Mr. Darcy. We're quite the pair aren't we?

The results of my pencil test. Apparently I'm having lots of babies.

Sorry for the brain dump. My mind has been all over the place and I just needed to release a bit. Reading back on this, this makes me sound so scatter brained. Sorry there is no transition between any of this stuff haha. 

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