Friday, June 15, 2012

Girlz weekend

Lauren is moving to Michigan on Monday (BOOOOOO) so we had a girls weekend in Park City last weekend as a last hoorah. We headed up on Friday to lay out by the pool. Dayna, Lauren and mom soaked up the sun. I found my trusty umbrella and hid. Boom da boom!

After the pool we went out to dinner at a place called Zoom. It was delicious. Dayna snapped some shots:

Oh they sell products to make your hair less frizzy? Cool. I should look into that.

This was amazing. 



Later that night we got a redbox, had girl talk and partied it up Mags style.

Day 2 consisted of manicures/pedicures, shopping at the Outlets and dinner in Salt Lake.

Lauren loves her pita. 

Mom and Laur

Lauren and falafel 

Mags girls

Gelato taste testing

 Watermelon and Salted Caramel. WIN


Driving home. Dayna's fierce. 

Showing off our pedicures. Ignore my Magleby feet. 

On the way home we played the reaction game where you snap a picture right as they say something funny to get your reaction. Don't know what this one was, but it's pretty.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


J-love and my mom had birthdays recently. Well, mom's is today. Josie had a birthday party and Lauren and I came to hang with the girls. 

They decorated cupcakes as their activity. 

If you give a mouse a cookie... If you give the Mags girls a camera... PHOTO SHOOT!


Our  best attempt at being the Olsen twins....

Who says you can't be pregnant and fierce?

  Oh girlllll

and another....

Birthday table from tonight's dinner

I actually blogged with pictures from the same day. I'm making a comeback yooooo