Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sister Owens

See this beautiful girl? This is Kristen, or I should say Sister Owens. She went into the MTC today. I said goodbye to her last night, but as I was dropping Kaile off (another blog post) at the MTC today I saw her taking pictures with her parents! I rolled down the window and hollered! SO GOOD TO SEE HER ONE LAST TIME!

Love this girl so freaking much!

I met Kristen back in 7th grade. We were in the same health class and possibly the same choir class, can't remember anymore. We were friends that would say hi in the hall, but we never hung out. In 9th grade we both played basketball, and that is when our true friendship started.  Here we are (babies).

This is the only action shot from high school basketball that I could find of us two hahahaha

Graduation 2009

We randomly ended up in the same ward this year. Best school year yet. 


A little bit blurry, but whatever. Before she was set apart last night.

More of my missionary friends. Everyone is leaving!

Two of the greatest people I know
See you in 18 months lil' miss

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