Monday, May 14, 2012

The Final Countdown

A few weeks ago I was driving in the car with Dayna and we passed some horses. I complained to her about how much I wanted to ride. I used to ride every week when I lived in Maryland. The last time I had ridden a horse was back in high school. It had been WAY too long. Literally 30 seconds after telling Dayna that I wanted to ride, my cousin Brooke texted me asking if I wanted to go up to her house for the weekend and ride horses. Obviously I said yes! 

That weekend was SO much fun! Elysse came along as well and we partied it up! 


Face in the hole meets archery

On Saturday Brenna and Cardon had a track meet. We went and watched them dominate! Brenna is the one beating everybody else.



cute sibs

 again, dominating

Brenna holds 4 school records. You can't see her other one at the bottom. Get it girlllll

Hold up is that Reggie Rocket?


We had a bonfire in the back yard that night.

Thank you Brooke for inviting us up, and thank you Jody and Brett for letting us come!! 

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  1. I miss when we rode! I still remember the first time I ever saw Cloud was the first time I ever saw you too. It was all meant to be. Best years of our lives, HRC, H.P.P.H. LONG LIVE