Saturday, May 26, 2012

home on a saturday night with all my doors locked up tight I won't be thinking about you babyyyy

Yes, it's a Saturday night, and I'm blogging. I don't feel like being social because I've had a headache for the past 4 days, so I'm sitting in my apartment alone thinking about when I'm going to heat up the left overs Ashley said I could eat. BOOYA. Here's my attempt at a catch up post. I've lost my knack for blogging. I used to be so good at keeping up with it. Oh well, maybe when I'm not in school I'll be better. Probably not.

About a month ago my cousin Alex and Da Young got married! They are the greatest!

Jo's face is perfect. Weddings = good for any face in the hole. 

The Mags girls decided this would be the opportune location/time for one of our photo shoots. Hit it:

Not complete without Afro Sass workin' the cam

Miss Thang turned 11. She's cute. I love her. We dance to One Direction in the kitchen. Don't pretend like One Thing doesn't make you completely swoon over these NON-underage (I checked) dream boats. 

My friend Nick wasn't texting me back. I proceeded to text him obnoxious questions until he would reply. He later told me he had 19 texts when he checked his phone. He has yet to answer all of my questions.

post nap death stare

Vin wears tanks. Kills me. 

We had a birthday party at the cabin for Christianne. SO FUN! Elysse is a babe.

Helped at the elementary school carnival. The babies came.

Sorry for this ridiculous post. I'd like to say I won't write one like this again, but we all know that's a lie. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Final Countdown

A few weeks ago I was driving in the car with Dayna and we passed some horses. I complained to her about how much I wanted to ride. I used to ride every week when I lived in Maryland. The last time I had ridden a horse was back in high school. It had been WAY too long. Literally 30 seconds after telling Dayna that I wanted to ride, my cousin Brooke texted me asking if I wanted to go up to her house for the weekend and ride horses. Obviously I said yes! 

That weekend was SO much fun! Elysse came along as well and we partied it up! 


Face in the hole meets archery

On Saturday Brenna and Cardon had a track meet. We went and watched them dominate! Brenna is the one beating everybody else.



cute sibs

 again, dominating

Brenna holds 4 school records. You can't see her other one at the bottom. Get it girlllll

Hold up is that Reggie Rocket?


We had a bonfire in the back yard that night.

Thank you Brooke for inviting us up, and thank you Jody and Brett for letting us come!! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sister Knell

My best friend for the past two decades left on her mission today. I feel strange. 
Kaile and I have gone through a lot of life's stages at pretty much the exact same time. This is the first time that she and I are going to be living two very different lives. Of course, high school in Maryland is SOOO different than high school in Utah, but this is the first time that we won't be doing pretty much the same thing, like going to school. 

This morning my friends and I piled into my mom's car and picked Sister Knell up to take her to the MTC. It was such a great/weird/overwhelming experience. 

Elysse, Lindsay, Ynna, Kaile and Emilee


pretty friends

off we gooooooo


 I love this so much

we all look so good...

All of these are such Kaile reactions hahaha

There she goes! She's going to be such an incredible missionary! See you later baby friend!

Sister Owens

See this beautiful girl? This is Kristen, or I should say Sister Owens. She went into the MTC today. I said goodbye to her last night, but as I was dropping Kaile off (another blog post) at the MTC today I saw her taking pictures with her parents! I rolled down the window and hollered! SO GOOD TO SEE HER ONE LAST TIME!

Love this girl so freaking much!

I met Kristen back in 7th grade. We were in the same health class and possibly the same choir class, can't remember anymore. We were friends that would say hi in the hall, but we never hung out. In 9th grade we both played basketball, and that is when our true friendship started.  Here we are (babies).

This is the only action shot from high school basketball that I could find of us two hahahaha

Graduation 2009

We randomly ended up in the same ward this year. Best school year yet. 


A little bit blurry, but whatever. Before she was set apart last night.

More of my missionary friends. Everyone is leaving!

Two of the greatest people I know
See you in 18 months lil' miss