Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remember when I used to be good at blogging?

Susie turned 22 last week, so we celebrated on Sunday with the fam! Yay Susie!

Uploading was a struggle so these pictures are all out of order

Grams and Gramps

I had a little fun with Kwasi's hair on Sunday. It started out as a nest for the pepper shaker, but then that fell out and shattered on the ground...woops. 


Sunday was Kristen's farewell. Friends are leaving. This is happening. I'm freaking out about it. 

After her talk we went over to her house for lunch. Kathryn and I had the patriotic thing goin so Britt snapped a pic.Yes, that is hair on my head. It's hard to take in, I know. Maybe I'll get around to brushing it sometime. joking...kinda

Vinna fell asleep in the convertible

Megan opened her mission call to Chile! Her brother opened his right before her and he is going to Chile too! This is her looking over at him after reading it out loud. CUTE!

Speaking of Chile, remember how my babies are back from Chile?? Life is goooooood!

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