Tuesday, March 6, 2012

titles are lame, and I don't feel like coming up with anything, so this is what you get

Do you ever just wish people could see you in your element? I'm always thinking "if you saw me with my friends you wouldn't think I am this boring" or "I swear I have a personality, you just make me nervous, and I'm socially awkward" I've been feeling this way lately. I'm cool guys, right? Just kidding don't answer that PLEASE. I just hope I can act more like myself around people I don't know as well. I'd say I'm improving....ish. With people who I feel are cooler than me I feel like the BIGGEST loser (the non obese kind) and just want to go hang out with Kaile and laugh about babies and monkeys with dresses on. Kaile's leaving me so I guess I'll need to find an alternative. I can do this, yeah?

Time to NOT be awkward....ready? Go! 

School is consuming ma lifeeeee so I can't really blog more. I have so much to do, and it's starting to get majorly stressful! I'm scootin' along and lovin' life. No complaining, I got this! This past week I have been the happiest I've been in a really long time. Love when that happens!

Also, I've been loving this song lately. I was reminded of it in a movie that I was watching in class and remembered that I love it. So why not share? I'm so tired. I did something stupid yesterday which consisted of staying up until 1 in the morning. That may not be that late to some of you homies, but I can't go doing that without feeling like I got hit by a bus. 


  1. Kate, you're one of the funniest little chicks I've ever met! Seriously! Authentically funny! LOVE your humor! Just smile and be yourself and everyone will catch on to what a doll you are! Love you!

  2. What James just said. Also, I laughed so hard by myself just now. We have so much fun together. You are the coolest, and everyone knows it!

  3. Come play with me when Kaile leaves :)

  4. I TOTALLY relate to what you said! I am the most awkward, quiet, shy person on earth around people I'm not comfortable with (i.e. people at work), and I get so frustrated because I can't seem to be myself around them and I'm sure they all think I'm a weirdo loser. Anyway. I totally hear you. And I don't think you're a weirdo loser. :)