Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Body Image

OH MY GOSH. I'm working on assignments for my media class right now. A girl in my class found an article about girls who post videos on youtube asking people to tell them if they are pretty or ugly. They ask for people to comment on the videos to let them know. I was watching one where a girl was saying that her friends tell her she is pretty, but no boys ever like her so she doesn't believe them. It was so hard for me to watch as she was so vulnerable and asked for people to tell her their opinions. People on youtube/the internet are so ruthless. It is awful to think of the comments these girls are getting and the heartache they are putting themselves through. I just want to shake these girls and let them know how beautiful they are as daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. It is heartbreaking to see the negative self esteem that girls have. I've heard so many beautiful people lately say awful things about their appearance. I hate it, and it makes me so frustrated at times. These girls are stunning, yet they are finding the littlest things to hate about themselves. It is such a problem for women, especially here at BYU.

In my major we have talked a lot about body image and self esteem issues. I wish that everyone had the knowledge that they are loved and are beautiful. I get so angry at times when I think of things like pro-ana (pro-anorexia) sites and posts on pinterest that girls put as inspiration (thinspiration) because they are unhappy with how they look. I wish everyone could see that you don't have to wear a size 2 to be beautiful. You don't have to have a "perfect body" to be a gorgeous, confident woman. 

I'm not saying I have mastered the issue of self esteem. I absolutely have not. I make stupid comments about myself, and I hate it when I do. I get discouraged and upset about my appearance and feel ugly at times. Its something that I have to work at just like other trials. When I say that I wish everyone knew they were beautiful, I know it's something I need to remember as well. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that my Heavenly Father loves me and that I am cherished by Him. It helps me so much when I'm faced with messages from the world telling me I'm not good enough or pretty enough. So what if I'm not a size 2? Who cares if I've got some curves? I'm happy, healthy and loving myself the way I am, thighs touching and all. 


  1. amen sista!!! especially to the Pinterest comment... there is no way I am ever going to have a six pack, double d's, and look cute when I work out and I'm ok with that!!! I had a friend who suffered from an eating disorder (i was not aware of this) and when it finally came out she told me that it makes her feel horrible about herself when girls (especially skinny ones!) talk about how fat they are because she thinks, "wow, if you think you are fat, what does that make ME?"So not only do we hurt our own self-esteem when we judge ourselves too harshly, but we always bring others down with us. Love you Kate!

  2. you're beautiful kate!! thanks for this! love you!

  3. kate, I love you! you are amazing and so pretty!

  4. I love this! Thanks so much for posting this Kate. I have a constant struggle with body image and it's nice to know i'm not alone, AND to hear some wonderful, encouraging words! I've seen the "thinspiration" posts on Pinterest and followed some of them to sites that I found very disturbing. I never knew pro-anorexic sites existed before that. Anyway, the society we live in is so destructive and it's nice to read your words and remember that with our knowledge of our true worth as daughters of God, and with our eternal perspective, we can overcome the negative messages that bombard us every day.

    So, thanks. You're awesome.

  5. Curves rock! Who wants to hug a skeleton? Seriously.

    You are beautiful and radiant! And practical and wise.

  6. KateMags, I love ya! I learned in my class the other day that girls as young as 18 months old have body issues. crazy huh? But, this is an awesome post! You are beautiful, woman!