Monday, January 9, 2012


Our second day in Orlando was spent at Disneyworld.

Jaynie saw some of her favorites at the parade. 

Teacups with Jaynie

This picture sums up the morning. That is me with my head on the table. We had some communication issues in the morning. That's all that needs to be said of that. 

After Magic Kingdom, which was way too packed, we went to Hollywood Studios. The roller coaster there (I forget what it's called but it is the Aerosmith one) was so fun! 

We met up with my parents and Steve's fam in Animal kingdom later in the day. 

waiting in line for Everest

A view of the roller coaster. SO FUN! It started out pretty mild, and I thought it was going to be kinda lame. Then it kicked it up and ended up being so fun!

 Javi and I went together one of the times we went on and Susie snapped our picture after hahaha (we are in the back)

I swear my niece was sitting next to me on this ride (look at Josephine)

Max really wanted to go on this dinosaur ride thing. It was pretty lame. This picture is hilarious though. This is when the T-Rex (Max got mad at me for calling it a T-Rex because apparently it's some other type of dinosaur. Looks the same to me so whatev) lashes out at you. Why was I the only one freaking out??? I screamed like a child and looked away as fast as I could. I died laughing when I saw the picture. It was scary people!!! I guess Josie was a little freaked out. Steve looks less than amused haha.

Ps. Josephine on roller coasters is the funniest thing I've seen/heard in my life. 

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