Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alys Beach

Over Christmas break we went to Panama City, Florida. We stayed at a house close to the beach and partied it up Mags style! Lots of games were played. Lots of pictures were taken of the babies on my phone. Lots of Vampire Diaries was watched (just Dayna and me haha. Judge us. We are 16.)

Steve turned 28 when we were in Florida, so we went out to dinner and celebrated! Look at Vin haha

This picture makes me laugh so hard

We drove around to cute neighborhoods. This neighborhood is where the Truman Show was filmed. This is one of the houses I took a picture of before it got too dark. SO DANG CUTE!

We put on nail sticker type things, but they didn't last long with our sandcastle making. 

My Beetlejuice nails


Hangin by the pool

Hot tub was the perfect temperature. It was more like a bath. 


Vin at the beach

Neener at the beach

My little brother is cute, but really odd

Another day at the beach. Just playin with my Vin

Hello cupcake bun

Note Jayne and I in the background. Yeah, we are best friends.

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